Brothers Conflict #01 — Inappropriate Hellos

July 2nd, 2013


The adventures of Miss No-Personality.


It’s rarely a good sign when something begins with a dream sequence of a girl dreamily being tagteamed by her siblings completely unironically mind you, less so when the first thing after the opening sequence is her morosely exposing herself (that’s the verb form of exposition, right?) along with a screaming talking animal. Seriously, it’s like that damn thing’s volume was set at twice everyone else’s while Miss Milquetoast is set at half. It’s like they were afraid that having a voice would give her too much of a personality. Once her introductory exposition is out of the way, her entire dialogue is basically breathy gasps and squeaks at the sheer overwhelming bishieness all around her. Also, one of the brothers says hello the naughty way, and he’s not even the one that got her all alone and made her moist. And neither is the creepiest. That award goes to the obligatory underaged boy bait, mostly for his creepy creepy voice. At least both he and the damn screaming squirrel basically disappeared in the second half.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not well made on any front. The music does sound a lot like they just walked into an elevator and held a recorder up to a speaker, so that’s something. It’s humorless, plodding, the characters are all fetish bait, etc. I know I’ve said it before, but at least on the opposite side of the gender spectrum, things are so innundated that they have to at least try to have some kind of gimmick to stand out. Well, mostly, lest we leave such greats as Photokano ignored, but that had the main character practically raped too, so I guess both these shows have something to talk about at the next Tedious Boring Tripe Convention.

The obvious Sister Princess comparison here was 15 years ago and featured easily twice as many incestuous siblings with such gimmicky personalities that I can’t even think of an metaphor for it. You are so very far behind the times, show. Get with it. You want to be fetish bait? Fine, do it. This is hardly it though. It’s wishy washy, slow, the main character needs a damn talking pet to give her any even semblance of personality, and if you remove the "they’re brothers" angle, then there’s absolutely nothing here whatsoever except a breathy girl dreaming about being spitroasted.


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Touchy Brother doesn’t have many faces, does he?

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  • The Phantom says:

    Do people seriously watch shit like this in Japan?. I don’t think that any girl would like this garbage.

  • slicendice says:

    The only attractive vagina in the room is your sister’s.