The Melodramatic Prince and the Stony Cat #09 — Yet More Sad Violins

June 8th, 2013


Becoming ever more embittered here.


Good god. It began with a sad flashback, music box playing in the background, and a meeting with a mysterious guy whose face was obscured by the glowing halo given to him by the sun. I don’t even know whether I should be more insulted for them trying to jam something so utterly cliche into the show this late… in the middle of an arc… or because it had all the subtlety and grace of a three legged elephant trying to skatie on butter. The show hasn’t refound any of its levity either. The second half especially was just one long maudlin stream of nonsense. Constant tinkling pianos and sad violins trying to do the job of making you feel anything for the characters that the art, animation, and writing is happy to put zero effort into.

The cherry on the top of the endlessly melodramatic crap sundae is the massive info dump that not-Azusa had to give at the end of the episode just to explain everything while everone else stood around making such great contributions as "No!" and "No way!" and "Gasp!" Because that’s the goddamned climax of any arc. The pseudo-antagonist’s monologue. It sure as hell wasn’t the sudden complete anti-climax, resolving everything in literally seconds through the protagonist’s dick.


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