The Melodramatic Prince and the Stony Cat #08 — Swimsuit Empire

June 1st, 2013


The school kind of looks like a Civilization wonder city’s sprawl.


Frustrating episode. The show’s not as clever as it thinks that it is and the melodrama just laid over the entire second half like a thick layer of brown sludge. I’ve been wondering for a while now why it hasn’t been spending any of its time using the wishing gimmick like practically every single other show with a wishing gimmick. Someone makes a wish, enjoys it temporarily, then learns some valuable lesson, things go back to normal. It’s a formula that has served many shows quite well, much more so than "insecure teens blurt out wishes and then spend multiple episodes not-overcoming it by being talked at just in time to be insecure again." Drama and whatnot has its place but not in a neverending stream if it’s just going to repeat the same insecurity nonsense over and over again. And indeed, it began with a character who seems to understand the "Use the magical wishing cat to make wishes," thing can be used for something other than whining about life.

Alas, she herself (if a she she even is since they were pushing that like meth to an addict) is not a particularly interesting or amusing character and it all comes to a grinding, screeching halt in the second half anyway when it remembered "Oh, crap. We’re a harem show. Better cycle through the characters in case our audience of attention-deficit harp seals forgets anybody exists." And so we cycle for cycling’s sake so we can end the episode on yet another melodramatic cliffhanger with about as much weight and actual lead-in as a noodle slapping the fridge. Ho-bloody-rah. But hey, at least there were copy-pasted CG people. Great work, JC Staff.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    That was actually awfully boring this week. Tsukiko needs a slap. Or two.

  • The Phantom says:

    I literally fell asleep trying to watch this episode, TWICE, and I feel soooooo bored to watch it now, maybe I will do that later and just to complete this series because otherwise this is absolutely tedious.

    I had more fun watching THAT show about humans becoming giants that kill giants, and then revert to humans just to be killed by humans (?), so yeeea talk about contrived plots …. sigh, but gargantia just the award of most retarded plot twist though.

  • TP says:

    This is criminally insane.

    I just finished watching Henneko some time ago, and I was about to comment someone (in an unrelated forum) about Henneko and swimsuits. I tried Googling on the Internet, WHALLOP! You’re on the first search rank for ‘henneko swimsuits.”

    This is criminally insane, I tell you~