Muromi #10 — A Vomit Episode

June 8th, 2013


Oddly, could have used a lot more vomit.


Sigh. Even this show is not free from the flashback and maudlin curse of this weekend. Granted, not as bad as the other two outings, but it’s still more than this show has every tried to wring emotion out any time before in the past, and it was not a pleasant thing. God only knows what Gargantia’s going to be like if it extends through Sunday. Although as it’s yet another Yeti-centric episode, I think my general boredom will already be clear. I don’t even know why they bothered to toss in a new character there. To make a face? Because someone on staff felt like drawing a generic island girl? Feh on anime this day.

Next Episode:

What ever happened to the masochist mermaid?

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