Muromi #09 — Penguin Girl

May 25th, 2013


This episode was not particularly cohesive.


I guess it wa an okay episode, although I’m not really sure what more to say past that, so I’m sure I’ll have forgotten about it within the day. A lot of it seemed pretty randomly cobbled together out of past jokes. Better disguised than Japan normally does, but Muromi tormented by birds, Muromi harasses fish, Levia blasts things… Nothing that hasn’t already been seen before. I suppose the coelacanth part was the best, even if the punchline was obvious, mostly because it was Muromi tormenting blameless fish, which is not, in fact, a euphemism for male masturbation. At least the animation seems to have gotten over whatever that ugly hump was in the middle of the series.

Next Episode:

Shiny things.

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  • Anonymous says:

    bah. where’s fuji, at least she hs some eye candy to fill in for the derp fest.