Muromi #06 — Curse of Disco

May 11th, 2013


There’s a Touhou joke in there if you want to reach for it.


I hope you’re up to date on your Japanese oarfish mythology. That and Otohime, although even if you are, I’m not sure how enjoyable this episode will be. There’s minimal Muromi herself and the budget continues to just plummet in a tailspin. Otohime only has two real jokes to her, repeated ad nauseam, and her violence is all done in those pretty ugly stylized stills that are suddenly all over the show and which I suspect came straight out of the source with some coloring. The oarfish has even fewer jokes and like many of the non-human things that start talking, I have the very real suspicion that the whole joke there would be a lot funnier if they didn’t talk at all and it was just Muromi being a manic-delusional for the sake of just being crazy.


Next Episode:

Kappa and tree snakes.

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