Devil Survivor 2 #04 — Nitta Has Boobs

April 25th, 2013


I think she spent the entire episode running around and successfully accomplished absolutely nothing.


I’m a little curious exactly how many bodies they have to throw around, because more and more, it seems like this show is bound and determined to just use "It killed TONS OF PEOPLE!" to ramp up the perceived threat level of things. Which is a little silly for the fourth episode. Where are they supposed to go from here? The next one will kill… slightly more people? The new boss also has a secret cult of people to throw into the breach, but this time it’s extra serious? Perhaps these could be addressed by some kind of gameplay mechanic in some other form of media, but there I go rambling again.

The bigger mystery to me this episode was the ginormous crater, and I’m not talking about Nitta’s cleavage, as gung-ho as they were to make sure we got a shot of it every three to four minutes this week. They’re fighting in the streets, the thingy attacks Byakko, and when the smoke clears, everyone without a name is dead (for only the second or third time this episode), and Kuze’s unscratched in a 40 foot deep crater full of pleasantly intact corpses. I think you overshot your crater a little bit, guys. Then he powers up, complete with grunting, and one shots the invincible enemy. Again. Stop this. Bad writers! Bad!

Next Episode:

Nice hoodie.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    So……handled just like Persona 4?

  • TheVoid says:

    This is a big problem I have so far. Byakko is a level 50 demon facing off against a level 20 alien. There’s no way Byakko won’t win.

  • knowngni says:

    dat hoodie in the preview lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I know lol it’s gay as fuck. Who in their right mind would put that on? Guess all his grunting really damaged his brain…

      As for the ep, they’re too lazy and put the same winged demon for everyone, wtf? So nobody else besides the main cast can summon different demons? And why the hell does the MC keep using Byakko? Genbu is where the shit’s at bro, even Nitta can summon something different this ep lol

      And suddenly Nitta’s all lovestruck with Kuze after like what, 3 eps where they barely talked to each other…. <_<

      Worst ep so far. Hopefully Working Maou will be good this week…

      • jingoi says:

        I give this 1-2 more eps. If Nitta is only saying “Kuze-kun” over and over, continues to be as useful as most girls who look like orihime and daichi still gets the shaft I’m done.

  • TMH says:

    So the moral of the story is that Io has big tits? Also, Kuze’s hoodie is awesome! I’d rock it.

  • The Phantom says:

    Not denying your point, but the boss was all the episode under attack from an army of (weak) demons, it was already heavy damaged by the time MC made it back to finish it.

    IDK why was nitta all of sudden lovestruck, makes no sense to me, hopefully she will die next.