The UNLIMITED #11 — Attack of the Roombas

March 18th, 2013


I think Japan overestimates the importance of New York’s mayor.


Maybe somebody can explain the flying Roombas that were this week’s main enemy. First they pop up and have guns. Guns that apparently melt holes in floors, but leave no trace when they shoot flesh, yet kill instantly… except when they don’t. Also, they apparently do no harm whatsoever if you’re shot in the pants. Furthermore, when confronted with tonfas, they spontaneously stop all attempts to use their guns and instead try to hug their enemies. If you shoot at them, then they just stop moving or firing period. Yet when a human fires a gun, his shirt disintegrates. Seriously. Andy starts shooting and then in the next shot, half his clothes are gone. Also, remember. Proper military strategy when you have guns is to surround the enemy. That way if you miss, you’re sure to at least shoot someone. And if you’ve got them surrounded, just stare for a while.

So, uh, yeah. The action this week was like a competition against themselves to see how inane it could be. The big bad’s plan is also just "set unhinged Yuugiri loose in the a crowded place yada yada destruction," something that, need I remind you, the ‘good’ guys were already doing anyway, along with torturing innocent children. Only in the bad guy’s plan so far, fewer people have been tortured with visions of hell. And will probably be resolved by a hug. My bowels seethe with anticipation.


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  • Haxer says:

    They were drugged when they made the opening?