Love Live! #11 — Drama Rain!

March 17th, 2013


Rain is how you can tell when a scene is really serious.


Wow. They were really wringing it out. Rain. Instant flu from like, a couple days of overworking. Collapsing. Kotori’s mysterious bad news that she brings up but doesn’t say every time she’s on screen. Think you might be overshooting it just a little bit, Sunrise? Less is more. And what ever could Kotori’s news be in this show about friends sticking together to be together in their school idol group togetherly together! It’s truly a mystery that needs to be teased out for at least a quarter of the show.

Otherwise, not a particularly eventful episode, even by this show’s standards. The first half was more or less nothing and the second half was dramaville plus another concert. At least the rain filter made the rotoscoped dancing less creepy than usual. Maybe they can build on that and have the entire final concert completely obscured by rolling clouds of fog.


FRIENDS. Also, rice.

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