Young Justice: Invasion #17 — “Now I Can Happily Mindrape People Again!”

February 23rd, 2013


Is that really the lesson we were going for?


At least they’re continuing their series of rapid and unconving developments. The winner of this episode probably went to the "guilt-off" between Dick and MM. I’m not even sure what the message there was. "I should be trusting everybody with deep deep cover information," and "It’s okay to mindrape people, as long as they’re not your friends." Oh wait, she was trying to mindrape them too even before Aqualad. The lesson shouldn’t have been "Don’t be afraid of your powers," but "Don’t mindrape people and leave them catatonic drooling husks." The big mystery of the episode goes to the Superfriends’ equipment. They went out of their way to show Roy specifically grabbing it, then his arms are literally full of it, he runs off the side of the screen and then it’s gone. My theory? He ate it.

It’s also getting a bit hard to tell what the hell Luthor or the Light are doing. Up until this episode, they were the secret partners, working together, yada yada yada, and now he’s backstabbing them before anybody’s grand plan… 17 episodes and over a year in the making… has even gone anywhere. Just like a couple weeks ago, the jump straight to "Oh crap, Death Star! Must have! Must have! Must have!" is a little… inane. Especially after a bunch of teenagers just took it out pretty easily. You don’t play it up as an ultimate super weapon after showing it to be weak to small groups of teenagers. Oh well, not much longer before this can be put to bed.

Somehow, only G Gordon seems to be the one bright enough to call attention to the Reach lying. Half a week later. Good work, heroes.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    The Japanese chick still hasn’t learned english yet. Surprised you haven’t mentioned that.

    • Aroduc says:

      Is there some reason I should? She’s just a gimmick and without it, there’s no point to her being in the show.