Student Council Officers #18 — Squishy Pants

February 16th, 2013


I think this episode may have peaked too early. And too low.

Where do these things keep coming from?


I’m not even sure why I’m still watching. Probably because it’s just one epsiode every six months, which is enough time to forget about them, decide to give them 10 minutes to see if it’ll have enough Suzu-based jokes instead of random penile non-sequitors and wondering how much of the art was co-opted from previous episodes with different backgrounds, then just finish the episode to say that I did. Repeat six months later.

Anyway, this one was just as temporally spastic as ever, jumping from spring to summer to fall, and stopping there without proceeding to winter. Probably because they’d have to draw snow to make it convincing. They didn’t actually do much of anything actually related to them anyway except for the initial 5 minutes of pseudo-flower watching and changing uniforms between each segment. They managed to follow that with nearly 10 straight minutes of Hata droning from one anti-punchline to the next about the mysteries of the school practically putting me to sleep. And yet avoided the biggest mystery of all. Why their bathrooms appear to have funhouse mirrors installed.

And then they ate cake.

The end.

At least there was only minor Omigawa. Ugh. I had forgotten she existed for a while.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    Needs more Suzu, Hata and Kotomi, less other girls.

  • algorithm says:

    More Suzu, less other girls.