The Aesthetics of Adult Clothing #02 — All About the Pheromones

October 25th, 2012


I don’t think those were pheromones though.

I like how the first DVD took nearly a month to pop up and the second took under 24 hours. Anywho… Come on, Arms, this was pathetic. Just two costumes and some really horrendous… almost terrifying… upskirt shots? You know better than this. Get your head in the game. If you’re going to have Akatsuki give an object demonstration on being ‘adult’, you better go for a lot more than a little groping. That’s how he says hello. Also, remember back when Izumi was a lesbian sexual predator? Why have we forgotten that? You disappoint me, Arms.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Can’t be worse than what that silly Hayate show is doing at the moment. At this point, their advertising sessions couldn’t get any blander. Seriously, they spend 7 minutes on explaining which games, anime and manga the characters like, why they like it and why those are totally great and must-buys.

  • TMH says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I am getting rather tired of Miyu’s boobs. Okay, we get it! Miyu’s got huge tatas! Moving on? Oh, wait, these are OVAs…