JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure #01 — Dog Abuse

October 5th, 2012


Plus prog rock..

I have no idea why it took so long for any raw of this to pop up. *shrug* I did also watch most of the second episode of New World. They toned down the obnoxious constant "THIS IS SOOOO MYSTERIOUS" schtick, but most of the episode was eaten up by a particularly terrible ball rolling game. The highlight was when one side covered up their hole/goal with dirt. Never mind that it hadn’t moved at all and it was at the end of a one way track. They then spent more than a minute rule lawyering at each other (with an adult ref and the rest of both teams just standing there, mind you) before one side finally had the bright idea to just push the ball to where the goal was before, thus revealing the deception. And that was when I flipped forward to discover what were apparently psychic nutria floundering in a stream. That was enough of that.

This may also be of interest to some.


At least it made me laugh. I’m not sure how much of it was on purpose though. Some of those scenes were so corny and terrible that they had to be on purpose, right? "This is my dog." –KICK– But then he went right into an internal monologue about his master plans. Plus there’s all the overly dramatic ranting and whatnot that’d be too much for even a Latino soap opera. And all the gigantic corny illustrated sound effects too. They realize that this is a talky, right? It’s hard to tell if they’re actually trying to play up some of the campiness or if they just slavishly cut the panels out of the source and called that the storyboard. Probably the latter given how cheap the whole episode was. I don’t even want to think about what them using Roundabout as the ED is supposed to mean. Yes, I know all the rock references/named characters in the series, but couldn’t they at least have used something like Karn Evil 9 instead? Roundabout is so… painfully prog. Good god, they’re singing about Scottish traffic jams.

*ahem* Aside from David Production’s cheapness, there were all the other usual issues with these Jump-origin shows. I’m told that it covered twice as much as these shows generally do, but very little still happened. And of course, the first resort for storytelling was always bad narration about things happening right in front of their faces, as was the second. If they actually had to show something, they made sure that somebody was explaining it at the same time. It’s a good thing they don’t pay these VAs by the word. The direction of the non-corny scenes was pretty much completely absent too. Adapt, you dimwits. Don’t just go "Well, it was bland there. Better make sure it’s bland here too." It did make me laugh more than the other two shows today, which is something. I’m not sure that novelty factor will hold out though. Meh, Fridays.


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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • v1cious says:

    Yeah… Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is clearly not for you.

  • doctor bananabutt says:

    I got anxious wonder who was blaring Yes into my room when the ed came on. That was the only exciting moment of the ep.

  • Kusano says:


    Lol, seems like they are trying to copy the manga panel by panel.

  • Embok says:

    “It’s hard to tell if they’re actually trying to play up some of the campiness or if they just slavishly cut the panels out of the source and called that the storyboard.”

    I definitely got the feeling of the latter. Disappointing, but kinda expected.

  • U.Renko says:

    it was actually much better than I expected.

    having low expectations does this to you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fist of the North Star Models recycling?

  • U.Renko says:

    Duwang subs make this thing enjoyable