The Aesthetics of an Antihero #06 — Japanese Female Fabrics

August 9th, 2012


I’ll never understand how that stuff works.


Fairly boring and mostly inane episode. I honestly have no real idea what they’re trying to do with Motoharu. He’s just kind of… there… trying to be the comic relief sidekick suddenly jammed in halfway through hovering on the sidelines because god help anybody if he has any manner of interaction with anybody but Akatsuki. And whatever the hell that was after the fact with the extra terrorist. Was that supposed to scare us about him? Show that he’s just as awesome but smarter? What exactly is his point, show? Anyway, most of the first half was just him and Akatsuki futzing around with the magical clothes-dissolving superbike. Only effective against female fabrics.

The second half sort of centered around Haruka’s troupe vs random LARPers reenactng Die Hard terrorists, and you know how I love it when shows full of super powered characters who all want to beat each other up instead decide to fabricate some nameless cannon fodder that lasts all of 15 seconds instead. It’s not like there’s any other bad AT-X T&A show on Thursday nights ths season that has been doing it either! It also once again only showed that no matter how many magical powers characters have or how super awesome they are, Gun Haver will always rule supreme. Also, it’s a little suspicious how Haruka’s wind powers normally facilitate all manner of up-skirt shots, but as soon as she’s wearing nothing but Akatsuki’s jacket, it seems glued to her thighs.



Beach episode. Also, elves.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Shirokuma says:

    “Fairly boring and mostly inane episode” You know this is gonna roll like this every week every time you’ll blog this one do you? This is a shit season but surely there must but something with a bit more substance to watch.

    • Aroduc says:

      Nah. That’s newish for this show. For the first month, it was just severely… severely underbudgeted and weirdly paced. Being outright boring for the entire twenty minutes instead of just ten is a relatively new thing.

    • Gorilla13 says:

      Uh huh, so what do you think is good and has a bit more substance to watch, smart guy? And wth is “must but” anyway? Not sure if the season is shit but I’m sure as heck you’re shit. Go “must but” yourself, brah.

      • Shirokuma says:

        Typo. No doubt you have enough brainpower to put it together. You may even be able to name a show that has less substance than this one for the current season if you try really hard, monkey.

  • moridin84 says:

    Uh yeah, I was thinking “what was the point of that episode?” after this as well.

    And that blonde guy? I figured him out after catching a glimpse of him in the beach preview. He’s basically an Itsuki. Two guys in a group of several girls is less egerious then just one guy. Plus obviously homo-subtext.

  • YES-KLAC says:

    this week ep

    big security going on & Student Council’s President freeze bad guy in the rest room.
    school test going everyone bit hmm on test while Akatsuki nap & got all answers correct.
    here kaidou get Akatsuki to meet a mechanic person to show a bike.
    a bike that supersonic with level of 1677000 can break sound barrier.
    & bike also was ride by Akatsuki’s dad cue his mention of the dad yea Akatsuki it’s so on.
    vice pres Haruka sense something see Akatsuki conquer the bike.
    trying to take bike cue Haruka’s clothes to pieces!!!
    at least Akatsuki give Haruka his jacket now alert attack happen.
    hostage rescue mission sure but up bad guys.
    now kidnap a little girl & single girl tear cue Akatsuki to the rescue.
    baddie all beat while Akatsuki gave Haruka the glory.
    oh one more left here kaidou in tick-off attack.
    Akatsuki in victory bath here Haruka return the jacket in double wash being a tsundere.

    next ep oh blonde elf from 1st ep & YES YES YES it’s the beach ep as well nuff said.

  • shadow says:

    it anime is fap fap