Love, an Election, and Chocolate #06 — More Staring at Laptops

August 16th, 2012


Should’ve just read what she gave you anyway.

In case people are interested, the first TLR Darkness OVA is out in preparations for the full series beginning next season. I have no real interest in touching the OVA given my aversion to the previous series, and flipping through, it appears to be about 25% blank space, 75% upskirt shots, girls masturbating, girls fantasizing about having sex, and girls in the bath with the most viscous soap ever dripping down their genitalia. Lovely.


And with that thought tucked away… yeah, just as I feared. Yuu ended up with a love letter from her which was, like many of the clumsy parts of this show, just kind of shuffled away under the rug so they can either dredge it up later if they feel like it or completely ignore it. His speech was instead the predictable bit of nonsense and playing to the crowd. End of the prelims in any case, not that it really matters all that much other than giving the show a chance to pretend to be dramatic for a moment before kicking out the victory music. And I was so worried for a moment that he was going to lose halfway through. Not that anything about these elections make any sense anyway.

So yeah, most of the second half was rather dull. Nothing quite as exciting as staring at people staring at numbers on a screen.I wish they had done the little support scene between them differently too. It went from looking like just Chisato squeezing his hand privately to encourage him to instead being some giant corny "let’s all hold hands in a big circle" thing. I like all those little unmistakable moments between them that show they’re close and care about each other and are comfortable showing it without bludgeoning us over the head with excessively dramatic music and long shots of characters looking forlorn. That makes it all the more annoying when it morphs into some corny nonsense.


Tight pink shirts, night chocolate, and sleepovers.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • KLAC-cension says:

    only sound about this ep is this

    but yet it works give still hmm going on.

    well wait & see what next.

  • tokwa says:

    That will never happen in a real election…

  • The Phantom says:

    LOL at your review of TLR Darkness OVA.