High School D(x/v)D #04 — Special Move

June 27th, 2012


How disturbingly plain.

Man, TNK, you really are new to the whole DVD special thing. There are something like two dozen females in your show. How can you have already run out of them already and are proceeding to strip random made-up girls instead? And not even in any creative way, but almost like you were trying to retcon this in as an actual event that took place. Why? Your show is finished. These are specials. Have some fun with them, you putzes.

Belated Edit:
And just for the record, I think I’ll let the QBR DVD specials languish forgotten. The first one is the nun teaching Lotte ‘holy poses,’ which essentially means that it’s two straight minutes of them scissoring each other. Great. That’s a little past the point, but well… It is QBR after all.

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  • shadow says:

    more fanservice for the teen want masturbate


    YES YES YES dress break attack INDEED best move ever!!!

  • alex says:

    is that HK33 ?