Angry Breasts #12 — …Wow…

June 18th, 2012


Good god.


This was disappointing for a long time for a number of reasons. First, they didn’t skip the horrendous earbleeding OP. It’s the last episode, come on! Haven’t we suffered enough? Second, for a good 16 minutes or so, it was just a generic underanimated bit of action fluff. Melona was especially insufferable, going full-on villain monologue before getting lightninged in the back of the head. Admittedly, she was kind of cute as an inch high evil overlord wannabe, but that wasn’t until after… other things happened.

Yada yada, big explosion, chinese girls put up a barrier but are hurt. So what does the nun do now? Throws everybody else aside, plants her staff against the ground, shoves it into her ass, and begins vigorously rubbing. Vigorously. And keeps doing it at the danger of more lightninging as others jump to protect her magically hotdogging herself to orgasm. That was the hardest I think I’ve laughed all season at anything. Wow, ARMS. Wow. Which one of your writers came up with that one? What was the plan even supposed to be there? Magical hotdogging? Ass friction barrier? Emergency anal stimulation? In any case, thanks for making my evening a little brighter.

Unsurprising final thoughts at the end.


Final Thoughts:

What can I say? It’s been… terrifying. To its credit, it’s one of the few shows that didn’t get markedly worse as the season went on. No, it bottomed out in episode 2 featuring one girl masturbating in the middle of the street while the protagonist was being raped by a land-octopus. After that, it more or less hit a stride with occasional instances of vibrating underwear. Stride may not be the right word. Limp? Lurch? Stumble? Flop? It is what it is, and at least I could enjoy myself making fun of it for an evening without engendering feelings of bitterness about it turning out terrible. Isn’t that what’s most important? No, probably not, but I’m willing to count it as a win. Plus, I can’t hate it right now since my sides still hurt from the magic nundogging.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    22 seconds in above vid, hate the nun a little less now. Still needs more nude Ymir.

  • Freeter says:

    The nundogging is actually her healing technique. Didn’t make the scene any less stupid though.

    EVOL should throw in a hotdogging moment for its final ep. It’ll give Mikono something to do.

  • DE-KLAC_GRASSI says:

    & yet another series season of it is on the works again yea more qb’s series to watch.

    mu ha ha ha.

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Static Shock!

  • shadow says:

    wait a minute and the prey and the soldier girls in the castle ?.

  • shadow says:

    and it is the end ?

  • Neclord X says:

    Well, now that they have a castle they only need to recruit the 108 stars of destiny.

    At least this season had some plot (not PLOT) and had battles and tits in every episode.

    Bad things…writing was too much random and fanservice was contextless, free tits and ass shots as not as arousing as they seem to think. I miss acid tits and catfights in mud

  • Anonymous says:

    ymir looks like a giantess in the thumbnail

  • shadow says:

    acid tits and wrestle in the mud, I remember the episodes
    good episodes.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is what queens blade is all about.


    so this ep

    annelotte arrive main room see luna & kung fu sisters in purple water here siggy.
    annelotte vs siggy lead booms with yuit vante mirim & etc notice.
    “ymir” appear doing make annelotte go down or else luna & kung fu get it.
    siggy is like against this “ymir” doing til water change get free catch “ymir.
    oh here mirmi with real ymir & busted cause fake it melona.
    everyone go like why cause melona doing on order of swamp witch to make chaos, riot, etc.
    after all blah queen clau rise & blast melona.
    cause queen clau said she do this for power & if anyone against her get elec-trigger.
    so cue everyone vs queen clau then mirim & luna tired but fall good news vante catch.
    “maria” free risty notice noise go check on it.
    siggy go pupple flame but nope then queen clau elec-trigger block by kung fu sisters.
    big blast lalia arrive see ymir & eliin with small melona too.
    kung fu sisters down so siggy going healing power rub behind move.
    queen clau aim for siggy then mirim shield them then down.
    annelotte unleash her horse go for rising slash but blasted too.
    look like game over here come “maria” to rescue.
    queen clau in shock then few moments “maria” nap time.
    queen clau tried to attack but annelotte being shield to “maria”.
    so the queen spare them all & oh melona got cannon milk shot by lalia.
    after all this now time to train & improve themselves to someday beat the queen.
    all rise a building & annelotte on horse cue the adventure continues.

    indeed series quite a re-introduce to those new to qb’s series with fresh new faces on it with few familiar give like reboot the series so now with more to come indeed more qb in the future.