Zombie’ssu #18 — The Best Girl Finally Wins

May 2nd, 2012


This was… different.


And so after a double dose of Zombie last week, that means that they’ve finally found plot and purpose for the show this week, right? Right!? Of course not. We don’t even bother checking in with Kyouko or Drunky. We’ve got to save 100% of the OP content for the last two episodes after all. This one begins with Sera telling Haruna that she has to watch over the house while all the vampire ninjas go of to… get fitted for maid uniforms. And of course, approximately 30 seconds after that, Eu falls prey to the deadly Japanese common cold, which by anime rules means that she’s gone completely unconscious and has only a 5% chance of surviving. Anime!

On the upside though, this had some of the first new jokes of the show’s entire run for this season, putting it easily at the top of all the episodes. Terrifying jokes, mind you. I didn’t need to see Ayumu shoving his arm down his pants to pretend like he had a 4 foot boner as part of his healing dance, but Haruna scooting around on the Rumba was cute. The Fan finally being the first to get penetrated by Ayumu was also a nice change of pace from the show’s usual modus operandi of just letting her lounge in the background being all CG. Of course, next week, I fully expect them to reveal that she was secretly a guy all along. I’d still prefer them to get back to… you know… having a plot and more importantly, Kyouko, who has all sorts of things in addition to her vast plots of land, but as far as the… what… 6 filler episodes in a row now go, this was easily the most entertaining. 


Eu blowing on things.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sterling01 says:

    What the fuck is that thing?

  • ayanatsume says:

    so who exactly is the best girl?

    anyways, very hilarious episode…ayumu is really really funny with that dance… :D