Medaka Box #06 — Waste of Eels

May 9th, 2012


Really? No pseudo-tentacles at all?


At least the other two shows today put me in the right mood to ‘enjoy’ this episode, because like last week’s it remained absolutely and utterly nonsensical to the point where I find it hard to believe anybody put this together and thought it was a good idea. They keep trying to pay lipservice to the antagonists ‘risking their lives’, while at the same time showing that they’re good enough to effortlessly do all this stuff at absolutely no risk to their lives. You are showing the exact opposite thing that you are saying. Do you not see the problem here? Medaka put them in more danger by headbutting one of them into the pool and nearly drowning her. And I’m being generous when I say "showing" because they’re mostly just saying that too. Another favorite was how the two halfwits were fighting in the three-legged race and therefore getting nowhere… while showing them half a pool ahead of people. There needs to be a three year old child in the production room just to point out problems like this.

Combine that with a generic sob story of "You don’t understand me! You don’t know me! I was poor!!" with the life changing event being them going "Oh! We are friends!" and… good lord. It’s also important to note that every male named character in this episode was treated to a closeup look of Medaka’s splayed crotch. Just in case you forgot what the show’s actually about.


Training the newbie.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    You’re six episodes into two JUMP shows? Something must be wrong with you, Aroduc.

    • Aroduc says:

      I blame Deen and Xebec for their shows on those days eternally disappointing me enough to make anything seem better.

  • So Medaka can walk on water?

  • aligator says:

    Medaka is besically god. She can do everything, she is always right, She never looses against enything or anyone etc…

  • uburoi says:

    Later in the manga, an antagonist refers to her as “that beast.” Really not very far off. The only thing that keeps her from being a total Mary Sue (instead of 99%) is that, by being so perfect, she pisses off a lot of people. Which means the viewer/reader tends to root for the villains, just a little.

    Recently, in the manga, Medaka and Z1 split. He ran against her for president — and won. It was her first-ever loss at anything and it shattered her confidence.

    For about five minutes. Sigh.