March 16th, 2012


Wow, talk about a threat.


Yawn. Uneventful episode and honestly pointless episode. The only thing of note is that Louise sent Saito back to his world to get him out of magical death by magic (and dragon) under the pretense of him going to fetch a missile. Her plan was a total shock and surprise to all of us.I bet that’ll last a whole ten minutes… maybe twelve into next week’s episode. Meanwhile, the ANCIENT DRAGON, scourge of the world, terror beyond terror, devourer of popes, slayer of armadas, conquerer of lands, destroyer of worlds, ravager of mankind, dominator of souls, spent the entire time napping digesting.

They spent more time fussing over it than it did attacking. And let us not forget that the only notable thing about it is that it’s a really big dragon. At least the show’s remembering to involve the main characters, even if one of them is just an earpiece for exposition while the other is having angst-time in the real world getting beat up by those mean ol’ teenagers, one of which was rocking a trenchcoat/popped collar so hard that he was probably coming from a Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay party. The instrumental OP trying to add meaning to them fighting together doesn’t help much either. This is like… the fourth time it’s happened this season alone, let alone every other season to date. At least Licky and Crew showed up to join the party because they don’t want the world destroyed by a napping dragon either. I’m not entirely sure how they’re supposed to even make the slightest bit of difference, but Louise getting licked by an aggressive lesbian is probably about the best thing the show’s got left.

I’d also really suggest not trying to think too hard about the bed that Saito woke up in. It seems to have bizarre spatial warping powers.


Henrietta’s rack vs the dragon.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    Leaving the reader wondering if that last line was intentional or not is either a sign of great writing or an indicator of a very poor attention span.

    Also, I like how the show goes out of its way to make his world as petty and unlikeable as possible so quickly. So much for quality character development from nostalgia and emotional turmoiloh god I can’t write that with a straight face.

    • Ryugan says:

      i only think something saito dont have family or relatives? he should miss someone from his world