Sacred Seven DxD #12 — Dragon Metaphors

March 22nd, 2012


Penis metaphors shouldn’t talk this much.


I don’t even know why the first half of this episode existed. For starters, it began with Issei talking to his inner dragon. Even given the show’s usual content, I could tell it wasn’t a sexual metaphor because it wasn’t made out of CG. Or actually, given that it’s Issei who wouldn’t know what to do with his wang if given a roadmap and neon sign, perhas it was. If you just cut out the last four minutes or so of last week and the fist 10 minutes of this episode, you could paste the two parts together with no loss of anything. Issei barges into the party, and everybody just goes "ha ha, we were waiting for this, time to fight" vomits up some stills before Rias’s brother shows up to reveal that Ha Ha! It’s time for an extra round of combat. But super mega serious this time. Also he needs to explain the rules. Of "hit the other guy until he stops moving."

And then Issei gives a speech about how he doesn’t have anybody else’s super awesome specialties before he transforms into his Sacred Gear Sacred Seven form. …Except that before he does anything, he has to have a flashback about him standing alone in his room having a telepathic conversation with his dragon parts. Sigh. Matters aren’t helped by continuing to have flashbacks, telepathic chats, and cutaways to Asia during the ‘fight.’ Said fight was also back to the usual awful levels after two weeks of nearly passable ones. Way to let the side down on the closest thing you had to climax.

He doesn’t even win in a good way. He cheapshots Phoeny with holy water in the eye after his inner penis dragon takes back his Sacred Seven suit and then punches him with the cross after talking his ear off. I am not kidding here. The final super awesome attack with OP playing as insert was two men shouting at each other for almost two minutes straight about the attack one of them was going to use. And the attack was a punch to the gut. At least in Index, it’s to the jaw. And I will never stop marveling at Japan’s ability to stretch "I’m about to hit you!" to fill time.

And then Issei and Rias board Griffin Air and fly off into the night. The end. Again, sigh.


Final Thoughts:

It’s kind of a shame the show’s ending now because it really did only (mostly) get better as it went. Issei’s monologuing lessened, the annoying friends who completely dominating the first episode all but disappeared, and while the action still struggled to make it to a passable level it at least bothered to show up. Regardless, it took a long time to get to that point and it didn’t really do much to distinguish itself from the numerous other shows of its ilk. The plot moved too slowly to overlook the weak characters, who weren’t made any stronger by them having to parrot every other thing said to them. None of them even threatened to break out of the archetypes set for them within the first 30 seconds of showing up on screen anyway. The lack of a decent antagonist for a good 10 of 12 episodes here didn’t help matters at all either. No, saying that someone is totally evil and needs to be defeated for their evil evilness doesn’t count as an antagonist.

So bleh. It was certainly improving in the later going as events finally started actually happening and characters shut up for a few seconds, but it was still too little, too late. It unfortunately stuck to the middle of the road where it’s going to be utterly forgettable by having only maybe three or four even notable episodes. I can still think back on the horrible but notable things that shows like Maken-ki and Demon King did while here, episodes 2 through 10 are just a blur. The main thing that I think this will be remembered for is that it was on AT-X, so it got to show nipples on the primary broadcast. Huzzah.

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  • jingoi says:

    As usual, cliched to the frakking max. Lucky you newbies to anime, this won’t look like crap most of time to you.

    • Kefit says:

      I’ve been following every anime season for a decade now and Harem King was one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen in the last couple of years (though this has more to do with how bad anime in general has been, really). It’s damn refreshing to see a show that’s so honest and upfront about its writing. This isn’t like Index or any number of other shows that try so desperately to have intelligent sounding technical explanations and plots that amount to nothing more than vapid, boring nonsense. Issei is a horny teenager who is a giant badass with a super fucking chuu2 that has a dragon living inside it and he’s going to combine holy and demonic and divine powers to beat up the phoenix so he can win the girl and it’s going to be awesome.

      And so it was.

      Though at some point Ashia needs to consume and gain the strength of heaven and kill Rias so she can formally become the lead female (even though as far as the anime staff is concerned she is already).


    hurray we can rejoice now all is safe & well.

    yes best wedding crasher yea issei now rias’ virginity said in front of everyone YES.

    oh rias’ brother is there pulled make wedding crash so we get issei vs raiser.

    yet here it goes issei yea pulled I AM IRON MAN mode yet what a brawl give oh raiser does got a weakness the holy cross but 10 count too late.

    always count on back-up combine with holy water ha ha ha raiser’s face is all messed-up & gut punch down goes the d-bag raiser.

    yep all good ride the griffen with rias get the kiss, risa moving to issei’s house & get her to smile all is well in issei’s world.

    now got wonder expect s2 & funi i know you got it license so waiting for hear your dub on it.

  • Dynellen says:

    Fairly disappointing last episode. While the LN is far from being a great piece of literature it still had the ending battle go much better.

    Issei was actually thinking to himself how ‘he only has 10 seconds to win this so no time to talk’. It should’ve been a fast paced battle where he thorouhly beats the phoenix but apparently the anime staff decided they should make him talk 5 seconds out of his 10 and then follow up with the cliche ‘power boost runs out just before he hits the enemy’. Lack of budget and bad writing ruined this finale.


    yea so issei is IRON MAN so make raiser a loki yea sure raiser may got an army but issei got a HULK aka dragon armor mode.

    ha ha yep all well got the kiss & get the girl to smile

  • Jack says:

    Damn it. I was totally fooled into thinking this might be an actual episode of Sacred Seven (having just finished that series last night).


  • Totali says:

    Bad show was bad.