I Hate Daylight Savings Time

March 10th, 2012


Always messing up my precious schedule.

Just a friendly reminder, Daylight Savings begins tomorrow so everything will be effectively an hour later if you live anywhere that doesn’t observe our crazy-ass western tradition. Or maybe an hour earlier. I always get mixed up when it comes to personal temporal relativity.

There’s also a "Petite Trial" out for Eiyuu Senki now, but it’s just basically just a group of preset battles. The combat engine seems like it has some potential, but the interface is quite unwieldy and could stand to be greatly simplified. Maybe… I dunno… doing things contextually instead of the excessively clumsy menu… where you then have to contextually select a target anyway. Unit placement before battles is particularly clumsy and painful too. Hopefully they’ll tweak that a bit before release. Hell, Kamidori’s site STILL has a different interface on its game page than they actually put into the final game. Then again, my respect for Eushully’s development and testing processes is nowhere near what it used to be.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • firecow says:

    what no persona 4 images? you suck

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Wow relatively short text for this type of post. Finals consuming you also?

  • Embok says:

    I see Sazanka is too pure and chaste for this kind of post.

    I’m fairly impressed you managed to only include one Yunoha x Jin image given how many pics there are of the pairing.

  • Fhoenix says:

    Speaking of Eshully. Have you tried Soukoku no Arterial trial? Any thought to share/post about it expected?

  • koka says:

    where is persona 4 and mirai nikki images?._.

  • Yue says:

    Yay!~ A photo dump by Aroduc! [SAVES]
    Oh, daylight saving time is confusing.
    I almost got late for work.