Charles in Charge #11 — Sex Dreams

March 20th, 2012


This is a totally new and original twist for the show.

Belated Edit:
I tried to watch "A Town Where You Live" (OVA) right after this. That was probably not the best of ideas. I lasted about 5 minutes of almost nothing but self-narration, tinkling pianos, CG vehicles, and scenery porn. Then skipped through and saw that the rest was also going to be self-narration, tinkling pianos, CG vehicles, and scenery porn. That’s enough of that. I’d rather not euthanize myself this morning, thanks all the same.


Oh man. This may have been the funniest episode the show’s had. It just kept clumsily laying on more and more and more awful melodrama as it hamfistedly tried to build up to a climax. Once again, surprise, the A-plot is that they’re sacrificing parts of their lives for the sake of their family, someone wasn’t aware of it, and here comes some stern middle-aged woman who doesn’t understand the ALL MIGHTY bonds of their household to tear them apart based on some slight that has sent the entire clan into a spiral of shame and depression. At the same time, Hina gets a slight fever, which as you know, has a 95% mortality rate in Japanese anime, but luckily, gets better and decides to start singing more because it’ll bring her mom and dad back. Cue shocked faces and cut to ED.

Good god, show. Maybe you could’ve gotten away with this if it wasn’t what every single episode has been. If you had filled in the middle bits with happy-go-lucky stuff or even distracted this with Charles’s life finally going starting to go well so him accidentally not noticing all the issues actually has a little impact instead of being the same thing ad nauseum… like he notices anything on his best days anyway. I think Sora’s prophetic sex dreams about first her sister and then her guardian/babysitter were probably the highlight of the episode and the closest thing that this show will ever have to a B-plot in an episode. Can you imagine how much of an improvement just the standard sitcom format would be here? It makes me light headed just thinking about it. 



Empty rooms! So dramatic!

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    Confirmed: Sora is complete pervert.

  • alex says:

    you really missed on Another, it’s the best comedy this season


    oh my indeed with all this just happen must wonder what next?

    sora oh my you’re going “liking” on miu but false alarm it lead marry yuuta oh it a dream.
    sora & raika on market going some talk mention yuuta another dream sora with raika’s “size” for yuuta?!
    after long day time to relax, school work, & oh clean hina.
    sora’s dream no.3 oh it’s the parents some talk with yuuta’s sister & see a letter.
    yuuta & sora some talk about mention his sister & things will be fine.
    yuuta worry on phone of here raika to touch hands.
    sora’s dream no.4 in car driving to door lead happy with everyone.
    yuuta arrive home see place all empty oh it’s the aunt.
    sora got call that hina got fever then all 3 went back oh see the aunt & busted.
    after giving hina some rest & aunt mention the letter.
    sora’s dream no.5 2nd drive going fast oh no a cliff more no yuuta gone oh bad dream.
    sora & yuuta go mention aunt, letter, school, pressure, etc nearly alot give yuuta tried his best.
    next day hina all better sora see letter it’s from other family member one with the glasses.
    letter said that having recall what said & make-up from saying by to take care of all 3 sisters together so yuuta can focus on his school & etc.
    dinner time everything ok then hina mention the parents yea bit hmm… & twinkle star.

    hmm indeed looking next ep oh my what might happen???

  • Jack says:

    Just marry Raika, adopt the girls and let’s move on the the Mecha part of the show.