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February 27th, 2012

To this day, I have no idea what the Kamidori/God Captor part of the title refers to.

I’m sure it could use another editing or pass too, but given A.) How long the game is and B.) How much of a disaster the writing and script formats in general are, there’s no good way to edit it short of actually playing the game. I don’t want to drive my editors any more crazy than they already are by grinding out the endgame stuff repeatedly, so… here we are.

I’ve already said pretty much everything that I have to about the game itself. It’s still extremely fun if you have any interest in SRPGs at all and is meaty enough to last a good 60 hours or so in a single playthrough which’ll get you through about half of the dungeons in the game. The gameplay’s long, deep enough, fun, and if you’re trying to collect 100% of everything fairly, then good luck. You’ll need it. That and a lot of time for all the grinding… especially because the last Append/Expansion added a bunch of quests that are literally nothing BUT grinding.


Thanks to everybody who helped out with this project; hackers, and especially the editors for reasons I’ll get to shortly. The errors and issues, technical, typo, and my occasional incomprehensible lingual spew were many.

I’d also like to thank everyone who showed up to the little Melty get-together. I only lost to about five or six people (although almost all of that was in the expected spikey 4-8 delay), but ended up giving the patch to whoever was nice enough to come and play, so fie on those of you who didn’t. Here’s a pack of all my replays of the night and next afternoon if you’re curious. Any sets where neither of us change characters for a while are likely the lower delay/better play ones, especially late last night and most of today. I got to play against some actual P.Ciels and good Roas for once, and let me tell you, I still have no idea how to deal with P.Ciels. And was embarrassed badly by that F.Roa.


I will now proceed to rant aimlessly about everything wrong with Kamidori because months of being subjected to every single inch of the worst parts of it have severely embittered me. It was loads of fun at the start going through all the items and dictionaries because they were so bland and horrible that I couldn’t help but inject a little character and fun into them. For example, the ‘descriptive’ popup for an Iron Sword was literally: "Iron Sword [ahy-ern sawrd] / An iron sword." Plus, all the weird furniture they created didn’t have any description at all, just how to pronounce its name, a copy/paste sentence about where in the house it belonged and what stat it affected. Not how it affected the stat, just that it had an effect. So you might say that there was room for improvement that I don’t think anybody would argue with.

But then I had to start working on the actual scripts, which was a ‘special’ fun that I do not soon wish to duplicate. The ‘scripts’ for this weren’t really scripts, but a split set of instructions and then the associated list of strings. To duplicate the fun, try opening up a playscript written by a teenager, strip out all the speaker tags, remove 75% of the pronouns since this is Japanese, and then sort all the scenes by props instead of chronologically. The tutorial in the first dungeon, for example, is split across 4 different scripts, by trigger type. The script wasn’t going to win any awards to begin with, but with a highly contextual language like Japanese, that made gross errors… how to say… frequent, not to mention inevitable whenever there were more than about two people in a scene, and not helped because Wil shifted his speaking style when talking to certain people. That was a big reason I didn’t want to release any partials. With a cry of "Now it’s an editing problem!" I just made an assumption about who was talking and what implied subjects (like… "me"… or "you") they were referring to, and moved on. More than once it ended with characters seemingly referring to themselves in the third person.

What makes this slightly funnier is that some doofus apparently got into my (admittedly ‘secured by obscurity’) folders, and found an old package of the scripts. Not the instructions that go with them, just a semi-unsorted list of strings that he proceeded to spam on 4chan hoping that someone could take random strings and turn them into a game. Great work there, brainiac.


*ahem* The not-so-good writing itself was also a big part of it, but it was more of Eushully’s shoddy editing/playtesting that ground down my soul. For example, at the route split, there are three scripts for a nearly identical scene on each, except that they’re all different editing revisions. In one, a character says "um", in another, they say "er." One has a comma for some reason, others don’t. It’s… baffling, but most of the editing problems were far more mundane. Fixing all the times that the writing misremembered or misquoted past events was fun, but the best part was when I got to completely rewrite a short scene because it was an obscure victory script attached to a game over trigger. "We drove off the marauding trolls and saved the forest! –GAME OVER–" Brilliant work, Eushully. There are lots of other little things that really seem to indicate it was rushed out of the door at the last second, but it is a testament to the game that you’ll probably get about 20-40 hours in before you start noticing all the little cracks.

The takeaway message here is basically: Good god, whatever you do, expect nothing from this game’s writing. Especially emotion. And especially on Elftits route. Her route’s just… not there. It’s almost strange. And stop ending every scene with "I’ve got to work hard," you dip and show some passion, damn it. *ahem again* Amazing how that starts to grate on you so much more when you’re writing it out for months instead of just glancing over it to get back to killing things. Words cannot describe how I would’ve longed for more of Daibanchou’s sex scenes instead of "Clean water’s nice/I’m going sightseeing in the east" just for something with a bit of passion.


Anyway, here’s two files. One patches the game, the other is 512 images of distressed cats. It’s up to you to discover which is which.

If you downloaded the ghetto/Melty patch, be sure to grab the first text fix on the forums. I accidentally didn’t account for some of the pre-existing files that the 2.0 append edited itself and the patch was ignoring them since they already existed. There’s a number of other useful things at the forums too, like lists of materials, requirements for costumes, how to soft-mod game resources, etc. Additional editing/typo fixes will also be posted there weekly for probably a month or two yet.

Have fun.

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  • Raishin says:

    hihi can someone help me. I feel like im stuck on ch.1 (LOL) what do i do, got the 5 chars (aht, yuela, servalwi, emilita, and suina). I already 100% all the dungeon in Yuidora Woodland + Lake Shisetika, plus got the add clothing of Yuela and Emelita (earth and water resp.)Finished deadbeat dungeon also, cant seem to 100% training ground and sediment corridor. How to get flight and bronze key? In Short, how do i progress? what will i need to do?

  • Raishin says:

    nevermind my previous comment. can someone tell me how to raise my store and workshop level to level 2? do i use furnitures? if yes what will i use? thx

  • Raishin says:

    nevermind LOL, simple mistake haha. though the expand _____ was a title only LOL, u can click it haha.

  • fire says:

    im stuck on sunlit clearing where i need the spice quest can anybody help?

  • Haganai says:

    I’ve played this before, but this whole thing is so surpeising, i cant believe it’s being translated.

    Now i can enjoy the whole story with better understanding, thank you so much!!!

    …do you guys plan to translate other Eushully games?
    Such as Ikusa zero/verita/himegari ehem.

  • Anon says:

    Funny thing, my Kaspersky antivirus gear report forum ( as HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic…

    • Aroduc says:

      It’s an off-shoot/remnant of what was happened on the blog recently. I think I’ve got the domain all cleared out now. Blame my host.

  • Guntag says:

    Thank you very much for this patch, I am having hours of fun thanks to you !

    If you have problems running the game, here is how I did it (windows 7) :
    I installed the game then the add ons in the given order using applocale. Then, I installed the english patch.
    I tried runing the game with applocale but it did not work. I turned my settings to japanese (had to restart the computer) and it worked perfectly.
    So you can install everything with applocale, but you need to run with the full japanese settings to play the game.

  • Deiki says:

    thanks a lot! I’m really -as fas as I know- amazed with this surprising completed translation.

    I want to ask something about kamidori since every time I exit Kamidori (i.e going to sleep/college/etc LOL) and when I try to open / play it back => nothing happens. 3 times reinstall and it’s still happens, maybe someone can point out what’s my problem? (ps : I forced to use hibernate and let kamidori open. it’s not affecting game but it’s kinda risky… to my lappie)

  • Zolfried says:

    thanks a bunch. but i got a problem, it seems every time i do an attack animation, the game goes thru every attack sound there is in the game.. so like the 1st fight, i hit the slime 2 times, he hits me 1.. heard like 100 different sounds 3-4 times.. over the span of 5-6 minutes.

    • Zolfried says:

      turning off combat animations seems to fix this, so ill manage for now, still abit annoying and hope theres a way i can fix this.

      • Zolfried says:

        bringing closure to my problem, FFdshow audio codec is the reason this happended.

        1. go to FFdshow audio codec config
        2. profiles/preset settings -> decoder options
        3. turn off(uncheck box) “enable jitter correction”

  • vaen says:

    I’ve tried again and again but every time I try running the patch it gives an error that it can’t patch age.exe. I have all 3 patches installed and am running japanese locale.
    I tried reinstalling the entire game and the patches but I keep getting the same error.

    changing the name of the folder to english also doesn’t help.

    anyone have an idea?
    I’m using comodo antivir but I can’t find any evidence it’s doing anything to these files. (nothing in log, nothing in quarantine)

    age.exe itself starts fine but naturally everything is in japanese

  • brokenwings says:

    one is the game patch and the other one is full of cats….
    *downloads both*
    no regret!

    also tyvm for this

  • Maular says:

    Ugh… too much Kamidori, eyes.. bleeding.. must stop.. but have to make.. one more item.. and play trough.. two more heroines… must stop.. can’t.. argh !

    Thanks for translating this. Seriously.

    Thank you !

  • kyoryo says:

    thanks for the hardworking :D

  • CyberSurfer says:

    Ok…. It’s not locating the game. Yet. I know I have it installed
    Help please.

  • Omnibomb says:

    i completed one playthrough and started a new game plus and then right after i started chapter 2 i saw tian on the yuidora map i click him and he starts speaking in japanese
    wondering if you knew about it

  • cats says:


  • p-body says:

    I want to Cheat at this game so bad, I want infinite materials

  • Jarren says:

    Thanks Aroduc, really.
    I’ve been looking longingly at this game since it started being made on the jp site.
    But since I don’t understand Japanese… yeah

  • Parame says:

    thanks I LOVE VNs with gameplay elements.
    And this one has lots !

    It’s very rare for teams to ytranslate those. You are a god send !

  • Void says:

    Wow… nice. I can almost imagine how enraged you were while working on this from your wording. xD… and probably took it out by collecting 512 pictures of cats to troll people with lol (that is actually bigger than the patch itself o_O)….. Out of curiosity.. how long did it take you to gather all those pictures? XD.

  • Slain says:

    Man, after being used to “Yuera” and “Emiritta” and all that, it’s kind of weird to call them “Yuela” and “Emilita”. It’s definitely a great help for me, though, to finally not need the generic translation equipment to work the wiki.

  • JAG says:

    Thank you very much for translating this game, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • GRFX says:

    I just found this and holy crap thank you. Made my life so much easier to fully enjoy this game since my Japanese is still quite subpar.

  • randomlol says:

    love this game been playing it to about lvl 22 now but was wondering is there anything you can do about the player characther wil?

    I mean hes completley useless in combat

  • Apparently, to those who do not know the game will crash if you run it in applocale, your OS have to have Japanese locale else it won’t work, found this out after reinstalling the game and doing other stuff for few hours then switched locale to japanese instead of using applocale and now it works just fine.

  • Mechanic King says:

    i got an issue for ya.

    i was playing the game just fine last night, but now when i try to run it i get an error saying vercheck 443 or something along those lines. try running it again, and it brings up the options window. i renamed the shortcut to english, but even running the actual program from my program files causes the same error. to make matters worse, the uninstall stuff isnt working – goes right to an error everytime, and i cant reinstall due to another error.

    running win7 64 bit. but like i said, worked til i got off last night

    • Mechanic King says:


      ok so it turns out that me turning off jap locale and thinking “oh, this game doesnt require it” was a bad idea… working fine once again, so if you get the same issue, heres how to fix lol

  • Mechanic King says:

    ok have another issue… im stuck on chapter 4, and i can’t advance the story. dunno why, but it’s frustrating me because i’ve done everything i possibly can save for leveling everyone above lvl 20. help?!?

  • someone says:

    maybe the title 神采 could be translated to capture master?I mean in Chinese we call someone who really good at sth god of it and I believe it should be the same way in Japanese。At last,thank you for your works,it save me from the strange sentences by my auto Japanese-Chinese translation program。Thank you:)

  • Rep says:

    Wow guess im behind with the times. didnt even realise this was being translated then bam patch was relesed a month and a bit ago thanx =D

  • Alvin says:

    wow,this must be a huge project.
    Thank you so much for your work and even more for sharing this with us.

  • alf says:

    great job, really loved playin it.

    also, i understand it would take too logn to fully translate but since they both look similar in many ways would u consider doing himegari’s interface translations? like mission goals on map etc.. so its easily playable even without story (which shouldnt matter if himedori protagonist too keeps saying “I’ve got to work hard” :P )

  • Anonymous says:

    this is the full translation right?

  • BLaze says:

    Hey I have installed the game. All the patches, flawlessly (with HF Applocal) but the game always crashes due to the game engine but that only happens AFTER I install the English patch. Can someone tell me what is going on?

  • Anon says:

    Thanks guys! You brought to me a game that I can play through this whole month in the summer!!

  • lovya says:

    thank you kindly, my fellow existence in this dimension. (cant really make an assumption of who or what you really are… if i call you human, i might insult your godliness…)

  • Vandz says:

    kamidori alchemy meister already translated so far, but why no eng patch for himegari dungeon meister
    i really want that VN to be translated T.T
    *sorry for bad grammar

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, I have both an SSD and a HD. The patcher keeps searching SSD first (which is only for program files) then fucking can’t find the game on my HD. Do I need to name the folder anything specific? Also please update your patcher to let you choose the location yourself.