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February 27th, 2012

To this day, I have no idea what the Kamidori/God Captor part of the title refers to.

I’m sure it could use another editing or pass too, but given A.) How long the game is and B.) How much of a disaster the writing and script formats in general are, there’s no good way to edit it short of actually playing the game. I don’t want to drive my editors any more crazy than they already are by grinding out the endgame stuff repeatedly, so… here we are.

I’ve already said pretty much everything that I have to about the game itself. It’s still extremely fun if you have any interest in SRPGs at all and is meaty enough to last a good 60 hours or so in a single playthrough which’ll get you through about half of the dungeons in the game. The gameplay’s long, deep enough, fun, and if you’re trying to collect 100% of everything fairly, then good luck. You’ll need it. That and a lot of time for all the grinding… especially because the last Append/Expansion added a bunch of quests that are literally nothing BUT grinding.


Thanks to everybody who helped out with this project; hackers, and especially the editors for reasons I’ll get to shortly. The errors and issues, technical, typo, and my occasional incomprehensible lingual spew were many.

I’d also like to thank everyone who showed up to the little Melty get-together. I only lost to about five or six people (although almost all of that was in the expected spikey 4-8 delay), but ended up giving the patch to whoever was nice enough to come and play, so fie on those of you who didn’t. Here’s a pack of all my replays of the night and next afternoon if you’re curious. Any sets where neither of us change characters for a while are likely the lower delay/better play ones, especially late last night and most of today. I got to play against some actual P.Ciels and good Roas for once, and let me tell you, I still have no idea how to deal with P.Ciels. And was embarrassed badly by that F.Roa.


I will now proceed to rant aimlessly about everything wrong with Kamidori because months of being subjected to every single inch of the worst parts of it have severely embittered me. It was loads of fun at the start going through all the items and dictionaries because they were so bland and horrible that I couldn’t help but inject a little character and fun into them. For example, the ‘descriptive’ popup for an Iron Sword was literally: "Iron Sword [ahy-ern sawrd] / An iron sword." Plus, all the weird furniture they created didn’t have any description at all, just how to pronounce its name, a copy/paste sentence about where in the house it belonged and what stat it affected. Not how it affected the stat, just that it had an effect. So you might say that there was room for improvement that I don’t think anybody would argue with.

But then I had to start working on the actual scripts, which was a ‘special’ fun that I do not soon wish to duplicate. The ‘scripts’ for this weren’t really scripts, but a split set of instructions and then the associated list of strings. To duplicate the fun, try opening up a playscript written by a teenager, strip out all the speaker tags, remove 75% of the pronouns since this is Japanese, and then sort all the scenes by props instead of chronologically. The tutorial in the first dungeon, for example, is split across 4 different scripts, by trigger type. The script wasn’t going to win any awards to begin with, but with a highly contextual language like Japanese, that made gross errors… how to say… frequent, not to mention inevitable whenever there were more than about two people in a scene, and not helped because Wil shifted his speaking style when talking to certain people. That was a big reason I didn’t want to release any partials. With a cry of "Now it’s an editing problem!" I just made an assumption about who was talking and what implied subjects (like… "me"… or "you") they were referring to, and moved on. More than once it ended with characters seemingly referring to themselves in the third person.

What makes this slightly funnier is that some doofus apparently got into my (admittedly ‘secured by obscurity’) folders, and found an old package of the scripts. Not the instructions that go with them, just a semi-unsorted list of strings that he proceeded to spam on 4chan hoping that someone could take random strings and turn them into a game. Great work there, brainiac.


*ahem* The not-so-good writing itself was also a big part of it, but it was more of Eushully’s shoddy editing/playtesting that ground down my soul. For example, at the route split, there are three scripts for a nearly identical scene on each, except that they’re all different editing revisions. In one, a character says "um", in another, they say "er." One has a comma for some reason, others don’t. It’s… baffling, but most of the editing problems were far more mundane. Fixing all the times that the writing misremembered or misquoted past events was fun, but the best part was when I got to completely rewrite a short scene because it was an obscure victory script attached to a game over trigger. "We drove off the marauding trolls and saved the forest! –GAME OVER–" Brilliant work, Eushully. There are lots of other little things that really seem to indicate it was rushed out of the door at the last second, but it is a testament to the game that you’ll probably get about 20-40 hours in before you start noticing all the little cracks.

The takeaway message here is basically: Good god, whatever you do, expect nothing from this game’s writing. Especially emotion. And especially on Elftits route. Her route’s just… not there. It’s almost strange. And stop ending every scene with "I’ve got to work hard," you dip and show some passion, damn it. *ahem again* Amazing how that starts to grate on you so much more when you’re writing it out for months instead of just glancing over it to get back to killing things. Words cannot describe how I would’ve longed for more of Daibanchou’s sex scenes instead of "Clean water’s nice/I’m going sightseeing in the east" just for something with a bit of passion.


Anyway, here’s two files. One patches the game, the other is 512 images of distressed cats. It’s up to you to discover which is which.

If you downloaded the ghetto/Melty patch, be sure to grab the first text fix on the forums. I accidentally didn’t account for some of the pre-existing files that the 2.0 append edited itself and the patch was ignoring them since they already existed. There’s a number of other useful things at the forums too, like lists of materials, requirements for costumes, how to soft-mod game resources, etc. Additional editing/typo fixes will also be posted there weekly for probably a month or two yet.

Have fun.

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  • kidlat020 says:

    it’s probably not an our ago since you released this patch. Will definitely play this one.

  • Blackiris says:

    Just dropping by to say “thanks” – you really made my day. Though “month” is a much more fitting word here.

  • Will of the Wisp says:

    Dropping by to throw in my thank you as well.

    It is a question that will be asked over and over again, so I will get it over with — Is Applocale Ok? Or do I need Japanese mode?

  • Job Truniht says:

    From what I’ve read I’m excited about playing this for awhile. I’ve always enjoyed these type of SRPGs.

    I’d also like to say I appreciate the work you and whoever helped put into translating this project, it sounds like it was quite the bitch to work on.

  • Necsord says:

    Greatly appreciated.
    I always wanted to see a translation of one of the Eushully’s games.
    I can only imagine how hard and time consuming was each of the jobs translator / editor / programmer and such, but still I personally am grateful as I so far liked every game you have translated and without your team I wouldn’t probably ever try any of them ( unless the time comes, earth crumbles and I learn Japanese… 21.12.2012 perhaps ).

  • sterling01 says:

    The link to the forum, links to a nonexistent thread.

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  • AfroSquirrel says:

    Why are they distressed cats?!? I like happy cats!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Nice job, seems you had a lot of fun with this. /vg/ was pretty amusing yesterday with people reporting in about fighting you.

  • Nico says:

    I did not even know a translation project was going on for this game, but I always though I would like to try it, since I saw a test on a eroge blog.

    Thank you sooooooooooooooo very very much!

  • Anonymous says:


  • sage2 says:

    Thanks a lot.

  • Haba says:

    Hmmm… I have Kamidori patched to v2.0 installed, but the patch can’t find the installation.

    Any ideas?

  • blobz says:

    Clean JAP game + 3 append works fine, when i patch it the moment text is about to appear game crashes with runtime error… i wonder if some weird font was used in this patch and if yes id like to know which one so i can install it or something.

  • anonymous says:

    Maybe you can translate a good game now?

    • Aroduc says:

      Nope. Why change a winning formula?

      • anonymous says:

        I don’t get it.

        You’re investing a lot of time to bring over the writing. That’s basically the only thing that you alter– so why pick something that doesn’t have good writing? Not even good item descriptions?

        I mean, a VN is writing. Why preserve and cross communicate fluff and garbage when there’s a glut of these things?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you ;_;

  • Ethan says:

    Thank you merry much for your work.

    Before I start playing it, could someone spoil me if there is some ntr/rape in this game ?
    Because I saw that himegari had some rape involved and I hope this isn’t the case with this one.

  • Thomas says:

    Because it’s SRPG, we can at least expect fun 40 hours of gameplay,right? :p

    Thank you for the translation for my favorite genre(SRPG).

  • Y10NRDY says:

    Mann, Arrowduck. You one bad mammajamma.


  • outlander says:

    I noticed that my age.exe file was disappearing after the patch. Avira is accusing it of being infected with the trojan crypt.xpack.gen3.

    Did your modification make it appear suspicious?

  • AppleJack says:

    outlander maybe you should check this out to take care of your problem.

    It has all the information you need for submitting suspected false positives to Avira.

  • Varchronus says:

    Ok, I’m an idiot so I’ll ask anyway.

    Are the patches kami_ap01, kami_ap02 and kami_200, or am I missing one?

    Cause, they are all installed, but it refuses to find it D:

    • fsunolez says:

      I’m having same problem. Clean install to default directory. I install the 3 patches (in order: ap01, ap02, then 200). I put the english patch in the install directory. It refuses to find the game. Any help would be appreciated

      • fsunolez says:

        Figured out my problem. Hope this can help others.

        Even tho I know I installed kami_ap01, I guess it didnt install correctly. In program manager when I was uninstalling the game, it wasn’t listed. So i fully uninstalled, and after reinstalling, run each patch, then check to see if it appears in program manager. If it doesn’t, it didn’t install correctly.

  • outlander says:

    Thanks, Applejack. I just wanted to let folks know that if the patch appears not to work on their system, and they happen to be Avira users, it’s because Avira Guard deletes age.exe as soon as it’s created without alerting the user, or moving the file to quarantine where it might be granted an exception. Age.exe is automatically removed, making it look like the patch has failed.

    It tends to overreact to modified executable files.

  • outlander says:

    Forgot my manners in my frustration. Thanks for the work, Aroduc & Team!

  • kamidamihaa says:

    Thanks a lot for this love Vns with good game play.

  • Derec says:

    Thank you.
    Why doesn’t cheat engine work with this game ? I tried it with money but it cant find the right values

  • Ruka says:

    The programm (game) always has a different name when I start it:

    Why is that ?

  • cvillian098 says:

    you guys are awesome! thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a clean game installed (damn Isohunt, the file there is changed) , how can I install the append patches?

  • Scilica says:

    I don’t have a clean game installed (damn Isohunt, the file there is changed) , how can I install the append patches?

  • Anonymous says:

    Weirdly, game worked fine until I restarted my computer. Now it launches with a red border around the window and closes itself unceremoniously after a few moments no matter what I do. I’m thinking I should try reinstalling it, but does anyone know how to back up the save games?

    • Anonymous says:

      Never mind, I lucked across them. Now I’m hoping a reinstall works…

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope, now the game doesn’t even work in Japanese, what the hell.

        • Fibi says:

          Win 7, default location is:


          The SAVE folder is what you want.

  • Eustia says:


  • godeye says:

    Help me I have the problem, When I already install game,patch,english patch,and text fixed patch

    but when I entered the game and press new game it will automatically close and always be right this. Help me please

  • ark noir says:

    Aroduc, mass respect for the review and hard work. Don’t care much for the h-scences, but will give it a try for the tbs. Dunno about the patching as I struggled with patching snes games nearly a decade ago lol. Instead of forcing yourself to review some anime on slow days, you should do more Srpg reviews to at least educate readers like me.

  • Ascended1 says:

    Hmm installed the game, all the appends, and ran the english patch. It worked fine until I had a couple crashes, so I ended up reinstalling.

    Now when I try to run the english patch, it is unable to find the installation of kamidori, even though I am running the patch from the exact folder it’s installed in. I am using the same installation files and appends as I did when it worked fine.

    Any ideas? (Yes I’ve installed all appends, and in the correct order. “kami_ap01”, “kami_ap02”, then “kami_200”)

    • Ascended1 says:

      If anybody happens to have this problem I did, it’s a registry issue. I installed the game in a different place, the second time, so apparently there were some old registry items that were pointing to the wrong place.

      Just delete all the registry items that refer to eushully. (Remember messing with the registry can screw things up, so dont unless you know what you’re doing.)

  • Soul says:

    >A! Nanika nomu? Kore nonjate ii yone?
    Translated as: Ah, what’s this drink? Think I can try it?
    Actual translation: Oh, wanna drink something? We can drink this, right?

    I’m usually not That picky with VNs, since there are always bad translations. But there are quite a few in here, ranging from kinda off to compeltely opposite to the actual meaning of the phrase…

    Well, not like there’s an alternative.

    • Aroduc says:

      *shrug* Report them and I’ll fix them then. Such is life. I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes or arguments over wording in a ~50,000 line script that was badly written, had no speakers marked, and was full of editing mistakes to begin with.

      • Soul says:

        On the other hand, it must have been a pain to translate, so good job. I tend to be kindoff an asshole.

  • Fingusa says:

    Hi everyone, I am not really good with english so sorry for typos.

    When I try to install the english patch, it says Unable to open archive file.

    I tried everything I could think of. I have everything installed properly and I use jap locale. Please help me.

  • Blaven says:

    I’ve installed the game, and the 3 appends and copied the patcher into the directory.
    When trying to open it I get a box saying:
    patch engine error (11)
    Invalid start mode: Missing __IRAFN command line switch.

    Anyone know what’s wrong?

  • Veneficae says:

    I just want to warn people that Avast Anti-Virus 7 can cause crashes to the game. You can recognize this situation when launching the game gives you a red border on top the regular window border. In order to play the game, you need to disable Avast before launching the game. Afterwords, you can reactivate Avast without any consequences to the game but you have to do this every time on launching.

  • ??? says:

    If someone has a problem along the lines of archive error with the patcher.

    Rename the japanese directory to something in english.

    Problem solved.

    • Zombie Wolf says:

      holy hell!! I spent hours trying to fix this before I found this post, and the worst part is that this is not the first time I have had this exact problem with other games.

      thanks so much.

  • Jacob says:

    I’m stuck in blitz moore. Can’t deploy any units. A bug ?

  • Anonymous says:

    So I got the game and all the append discs installed, and the patch applied just fine.

    The game starts, the intro plays fine, but then when I hit new game, it crashes a few seconds in. Every time.

    Anti-virus was disabled as AVG tends to conflict with games sometimes, so I have no idea why it keeps happening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, and yes, I was running the game in Japanese Locale.

    • Akuuma says:

      Same here …

      • okay... says:

        same her too…

        • DVeL says:

          I join…

        • Antics says:

          The game crashes whenever any text is going to appear and it says:

          arcgameengine has stopped working

          I installed the game using applocale, I patched the game as instructed.

          I’m going to try reinstalling but I wonder if you people found the answer

        • Antics says:

          I solved the problem.

          I reinstalled twice, the first time it didn’t work.

          The second time I reinstalled it using the setup in the disk, not the autorun. I used applocale.

          I changed the name of the folder as soon as I installed it.
          Then I downloaded ccleaner to fix any registry that was damaged for installing it so many times in different directories. I ran the appends 01 then 02 then 200 to uninstall them, then I installed them again. They get saved into another directory you copy all of them and paste them in the game directory. You install the english patch and that should fix the problem.

          I don’t know what was the actual problem or which step solved it but that worked for me. It should work for you too.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t found many with the same problem as me, the game work fine and there is no crash at all exept when I try to save. I simply can’t save because when I try to, there is a error message and it dosen’t save the game but the game dosen’t even close. Could you help my please?

  • Itheunknown says:

    Wow, I never thought I’d see an English Patch for an Eushully game. Hopefully we’ll finally see translation projects for other games like Himegari Dungeon Meister and Ikusa Megami Series. Thanks for this Great Job!!!

  • Saito says:

    Where can a find a guide or help for Good Drinker 3 quest? I never saw the bar icon appear when I wanted to purchase the alcohol in chapter 2,3 or 4. I don’t want to go so far ahead that I end up losing the quest

  • Anonymous says:

    I just wanna say “thanks so much, from bottom ò my heart”!

  • Lily says:

    Wow thanks alot for this