Idiots, Tests, and DVD Specials — Magical Hideyoshi Hideyoshi

October 27th, 2011


Well, it’s clear where Silver Link’s been concentrating their efforts for the last few months.


It’s not like Silver Link put a great deal of effort into the first series’s DVD specials, but at least they gave us Himeji’s Cooking Corner. This, however… This was just yet another rehash of "Yuuko switches spots with Hideyoshi…" which they probably included on this DVD because it’s the actual plot of an episode on the next one. This is just done in a super cheap super chibi style with the ‘surprise’ punchlines that Yoshii notices faux-Hideyoshi’s breasts and that after seeing him get tossed out of the girl’s bathroom by her, comes to the conclusion that Hideyoshi is in fact female. Hilarious, I’m sure. I’m more concerned about why Yoshii was planning to follow what he thought was a guy, or at least an indeterminate, into the men’s bathroom.

Oh, whoops. I didn’t notice that there was a separate 90 second part as well featuring Magical Hideyoshi Hideyoshi fighting with his pet Yoshii against the evil Thwomp. That was much more amusing, not to mention about a third as long as the first part. Or maybe I just giggle too much whenever the Japanese use "Rock On" instead of "Lock On."


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