Countless Cat Gods #11 — Just One Look

September 16th, 2011


I think the animators were drunker than usual this week.


I think I’m on to AIC’s plan here. By padding out the episode last week to an extra 10 minutes, they have shifted everything off by 10 minutes so they can pretend like they have cliffhangers for the end. What a clever clever pl…zzzzzzz…. So, as you might surmise, the Amane stuff with evil moon rats just sort of more or less up and ended after Mayu showed her the power of overwhelming numbers and bending the minds of household cats to your own will. I’m not entirely sure that was the moral message I was supposed to be getting there, but I hate to think that it had anything to do with those terrifying children. Of course, then their padding plan bit them in the tail apparently because they had to pad out the second half with about 6 minutes of Gonta rambling at Yuzu between Mayu getting tricked into sneaking back to the land of (cat)gods and locked up in in the jail cell of extremely irritating and trippy music by mommy. And then Yuzu gets the most emotional that she’s ever been. She… wonders if Mayu won’t be coming back…! So much raw emotional pathos! I think I need to go lie down before my soul is further rocked.


Way to make yourself useful, Yuzu.

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