A Bridge to the Starry Sky #11 — Vagina Straws

June 19th, 2011


That cannot have been accidental.


Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it. This show is only good when it’s trying to be terrible, and the more it tries to be taken seriously, the more painful it becomes. Of special note this week was the insert song and montage of Pepperoni Stick’s date with Hinata ending with him dumping her… then, fearing he may not have made himself completely clear… he raced back in the rain to make absolutely sure she knew he was rejecting her. Tsumugi really should have saved them all the trouble and told them they’d be better off with a Papa Smurf vibrator. More satisfying and probably more capable of carrying on a conversation.

Coming in at a close second was ending Ui’s little drama by having her finally talk to her brother and congratulate him, only to find out his wife’s pregnant. This is after she offered to strip naked for Ayumu too. Again… I cannot help but wonder. I also cannot think of a thing in this show that I could care less about than Ui’s brother having a baby, so of course, that’s what they decided to use to end the episode. Tertiary mention and the special Freudian Award for the season goes to the random unnamed waitress and the straw perfectly framing her vagina. Thanks, Dogakobo.


The end of the three month journey is in sight.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Wow he rejected archer girl, last episode was miko girl, this means next episode is runaway girl turn, and from the preview it seems he is also dumping braindead girl leaving the path clear for his little brother >_>

  • Nanaya says:

    Wow, so let me get this straight – he rejects her, leaves her stranded in the rain, then pauses and runs back suddenly, getting all of her hopes back up, so he can totally be sure she knows he doesnt want her.

    If I weren’t laughing so hard at how blatantly/stupidly mean and sadistic that was I would think it was horrible and wrong.

  • Raikitsune says:

    That was so funny. Gotta try this in real life sometime. I hate you. PS. I hate you. LOL.

  • I can only hope the next episode will be of Kazuma rejecting braindead as well for Ayumu. That’s the only way this show can salvage itself.

  • Anonymous says:

    reminds me of a series of texts a friend showed me to this effect: A) i like you, do you like me? B) no A) D: B) you didn’t ask if i love you A) awwww. do you love me? B) no