Sex Ed For 30 Year Olds #26-29 — This Kiss

May 25th, 2011




Mostly fun episode, although I did feel like the third bit about annoying women in the middle was extremely shoed in. Also, not that I would ever condone dumb clutziness in a show that has a relationship actually progress, but I expected Natsu and Imagawa to bump heads or something on their attempted first kiss, not to immediately start sucking each other’s faces off as they grind their bodies against each other in the middle of the street. That went from being too embarrassed to even bring up kissing, to the kind of tonsil hockey that would get you kicked out of the NHL, and I’m not even certain what I just said means. I’m glad Natsu manned up and dragged him down though. Hopefully it means the AKF is gone for good, and it’s nice to have at least one member of the relationship actually wearing pants.

Otherwise though, it was back to a little more of the physical stuff and humor. Macaron tried to get Imagawa to practice kissing with him… succeeded by transforming into a girl (although the only difference I saw was longer hair and a bra), but Imagawa still failed. Meanwhile, Daigorou and the Virgin Lord were having an ass-off. P tried to teach Natsu about deeper kisses, but she was laughing too hard at their silly costumes and Q screwing around to take it seriously until P jumped her and gave her a first hand lesson. Then a number of ways to make yourself unattractive to women and finally the big first kiss makeout session.

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