Dream Eater Merry #07 — …It’s a Beach Episode

February 17th, 2011


When was the last time one of those was relevant?


As expected, not much of anything happened. They did finally (probably) reveal Kawanami’s dream demon, maybe. Who knows. She remains a cipher and while probably one of the more interesting parts of the series, the lack of any information about her at all is starting to get old. The episode was suspiciously well made this week though, at least as far as this show’s concerned. Why? Who knows. It was a very Casshernesque scene and series of shots though. Not that I’m complaining, given this show’s usual action direction, but it was a bit different.

Still, the main issue with this episode was the misplaced and unneeded angst. I can understand a little bit of it from realizing that you’ve been killing things for years without realizing it, but then the direction needs to not be showing some other demon destroying some kid’s soul at the same time. They could have used defending a helpless kid against a clearly malicious demon as a way to circumvent the angst and get Merry her groove back by providing an easy ethical choice, but no. We’re apparently not quite going to resolve the angst yet and some kid loses his soul. In fact, it seems like most of this show has been Merry killing the more ‘innocent’ dream demons while the real evil ones are amassing a body count Total Recall would be proud of fifteen feet away from her. They should probably deal with that at some point. I’m not even clear on why the kid blue-screened either. Planty McGoth just killed his demon and ran off. That happened to Greenhair a month ago and she was fine. The writers are probably asleep at the wheel again and forgot how they stated these dream demons work. Sigh.


I’m upside down!

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    and here some critic it or is a good anime ?

  • The Deviant says:

    Rule one of any anime nowadays. Put atleast one Beach episode in it….

  • Zel says:

    I don’t think that is Kawanami’s dream demon.

    Dream demons have a distinct symbol on their eyes, which also appears on the eyes of their human when controlling him/her.

    The previous episode you can see that Engi had a triangle on both her eyes, and when she was possesing Yui’s body, she also had the same symbol on her eyes.

    The dream demon here had a tree branch pattern on her eyes. Back on episode 3, Kawanami is shown with a cross symbol on her eyes.

    • ToshiroNoRonin says:

      Good catch on the eyes! I think we’re meant to suspect Kawanami since she’s been such a mystery and she was seen in the immediate vicinity of the boy, but in past episodes it has been suggested that Ijima-sensei is a bit suspicious and he was conveniently in the area for the filming and keenly observant regarding the boy. He was also notably absent when the boy and his dream demon were attacked, so I would also place him as a prime suspect.

      Of note, he was also quite involved with the girl in episode two who lost her dream demon.

    • Aroduc says:

      Hm. Interesting. You’re probably right, but I wouldn’t put it past them to have simply screwed up. The direct cut from the demon straight to Kawanami is (probably) supposed to connect the two, but this is where poor writing/direction undermines whatever point they’re trying to get across. You shouldn’t need to be researching very brief shots from a month ago to provide full context for a scene.

  • qwertz says:

    I was almost sure that kid was the vessel of Heracles since he is the only one who uses a kid.
    The part about how Heracles seems to be “fond” of children is interesting, too. It wasn’t in the manga.
    Maybe the bigger the imagination of the vessel, the stronger the muma?

  • marvelous stan says:

    That the club president is fine while the extras get the ennui effect when their demons die suggests that Engi is wrong and Merry really is ‘sending them back.’

    Though that leads to the different criticism that they’re pretty dumb for not figuring that out. Though I guess they haven’t fought the clown guy and had the effect explicitly described to them yet.