Angel Beats! Special — Ritalin Needed… BADLY

December 21st, 2010


Now I’m tired again.


Well, it wasn’t a bad episode, and given my not-so-fond memories of the series, that may be the most praise you’ll get out of me. It was well-made, consistently presented and delivered, and didn’t have any of the weird misplaced drama and direction problems that plagued the series itself. There were even a few parts where I chuckled. As far as this show goes, that’s practically genius. I’m glad that they didn’t try to cram in any extra deep meaning or the like and just went the "normal brainless DVD special" route with this.

That said, there was almost no TK and what little there was, he was completely out of his element. That is unforgiveable.

More importantly, it’s not the kind of humor that I prefer and they didn’t do much to mix up the jokes. The whole plot is back into the "mess with Tenshi" side of things, this time with everybody pretending to be REALLY EXCITED (keeping in mind the Japanese’s not-quite-correct understanding of "tension") to get her to lead them to God. That means that the whole thing was spent with people screaming their bloody heads off. It’s frankly exhausting, especially when some of the characters were already high strung enough as it is. If you believe that the louder a joke is told, the funnier it is, then this will be amazing. It’s still decent otherwise, but you may want to have some speed handy just so you don’t feel wiped out by the end of it.

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  • sage says:

    In before over9000

  • ShuffleAir says:

    Doesn’t MM!:SS come out today as well?

    • Aroduc says:

      This was a TV broadcast, not from the DVD release. Both the DVDs come out tomorrow, although with time zone diffs and DVD availability, who knows.

  • Dual says:


  • Nanaya says:

    What’s with the numbers in the corner?

  • Kurogane says:

    While their tension meter kept going up, my headache meter was too. God damn Maeda went full retard with this episode or something.

    Thank god for Yui. She’s actually funny compared to 80% of the cast.

    And yes, not-being-awesome-as-fuck T.K. sucked.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Everything between images 7 and 76 was an absolute trainwreck. I’ll just pretend the last thing we remember from this group is the mapo tofu song.

  • FlameStrike says:

    That was hilarious! Although tiring indeed. x.x; The Japanese phrase “High Tension” doesn’t translated into the English meaning for the words at all. Sometimes when the tension was thick, the meter was in single digits. XD Overall a decent episode.

    My main complaint was that this could literally be stuck in as another Angel Beats! episode. There was nothing making it worth being a separate DVD or broadcast. Actually, I think it would be better to have this ep before everyone already knows the whole “God” thing is just Yurippie’s bullcrap.

    I was hoping for a more after story like episode, but oh well, you get what you get. Heh, too bad Shiina and Kanade didn’t fight. From what I know of Track Zero, it would have been pretty good.

  • thatredsky says:

    I felt that it was a total mess. I was kinda hoping for another ending (since the TV release one sucked real badly) but…guess I ended up getting disappointed.

    After watching the entire series, shouldn’t it be obvious to anyone that messing with Tenshi certainly won’t lead you to God (since she’s not even an angel to begin with)? Shouldn’t it be obvious too that the entire operation’ll screw up?

    At least no more plot holes, eh. Just brainless stuff.

  • alex says:

    WTF did I just watch…
    at least Shina was win “CUTE”

  • Yden says:

    Hmm you didn’t mention anything about the 2 min Another Epilogue?

  • Jay says:

    I was quite disappointed with this ep. Was hoping for a character backstory or a better stand alone tale.

    The hyperactivity, though I guess necessary for the story itself, made the story itself unnecessary.

    When I think about it, TK was the best character in this ep. He wasn’t as “whacked” as the others. I’ve always liked TK as the character isn’t “overexposed” in the series. If this were an American production such a character would be out front most of the time & probably the leader of the group as well as nonstop LOUD & overly obnoxious.

    My further thoughts on this episode here: