Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ #05 — Tsukiumi Holmes

August 1st, 2010


Not exactly ready to crack the case of "Minato’s Missing Testicles," is she?


Another pretty lacking setup episode. 7Arcs really needs to work out its pacing issues one of these days. So much of this episode could/should have been condensed into half the length. Minato decides to go save Homura as a friend, and the multi-way brawl for him/her begins on the rooftop, but it took forever to get there, stopping along the way for Minato to alternatively enjoying the lingering sensation of Homura’s breast and then be shocked by the prospect of kissing him/her. You’ve already made out with a little girl, Slick. At least that would be a legal step upward. Tsukiumi was also the last horse to leave the stall in figuring out Kagari’s oh so secret identity.

The art was also really really dodgy this week, even moreso than is usual for 7Arcs. They didn’t have a whole ton of action to make up for it either. Hopefully that means that the budget is already being allocated for next week’s episode, but that’s probably entirely too optimistic. The ‘fighting’ this week was just Homura and Akitsu chucking things back and forth before Uzume showed up to interrupt the fight with a bunch of stills. Thanks, Uzume. That’s all there really was; just stretching everything out, a few jokes about Akitsu and Tsukiumi being dumb, and a lot of very dubious quality art. I think Kazehana and Matsu’s breasts were actually slowly sliding up their chests at one point in an attempt to eat their faces.


Rooftop brawl.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Pozzy says:

    so much for successful ecchi battle harem… i was too optimistic. well theres still (some) hope, i guess… what with 7 episodes remaining.

    the ecchi harem boing boing oops accident happened no no its a misunderstanding……… its getting a bit overdone for me i guess. i do hope, for the sake of my sanity, the action will eventually show up.

  • TJ says:

    The Sekirei manga is just as slow if not slower (mostly due to short chapters and twice-a-month schedule), although the parts of this episode before the fighting started were slow by most standards.