2010 Summer Premiere Wrapup and Boggle Tournament

July 13th, 2010


Accursed firey ball in the sky.

Not so much the first week wrapup this year because I got distracted by OVAs at a critical moment, but eh… second week and 100% of the shows isn’t so bad either. There’s a limited amount of time in the day, and since I’m one of the few, the proud, the willing and arguably capable of watching this stuff without waiting for someone to subtitle things, my schedule for watching stuff syncs up more or less with the actual broadcast schedule. Therefore, there’s only so much that I can deal with in a day. Here’s the quick list of all the shows over the past week (plus the ongoing ones I’m already following) along with a short blurb designed to reduce a 24 minute episode to a quarter second bullet point. Comprehensive… it is not, but if you want more information, each one is linked to my initial post on it.

Anything that I am 100% certain I’m going to cover for at least another week gets a little crown, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it past the next episode or two. Likewise, just because I’m not psyched about something doesn’t mean that I won’t pick it up. If you’ve got any input, flames, or desperate begging, go wild.


Nurarihyon’s Grandson


Exceptionally poorly made Jump PSA about friendship.

Occult Academy


 Some clear writing and direction issues, but still A-1’s strongest premiere in quite awhile.




Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions


 The final 25% of both episodes contained about 95% of the entertainment. Also, kill the narrator. Please.

Strike Witches 2


 This show is butts.


Amagami SS


 Pure soulless wish fulfilfullment of spineless guy wins girl because he whines a lot… x5

Black Butler II


 Psyche! We’re bringing characters back from the dead! Shame, I might have liked watching the kid get cut down.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes


There’s potential as a comic fantasy adventure, but it’s certainly not taking advantage of it.



 After one episode, I hate a dead corpse and most of the still-living characters. That cannot be a good sign.


The Blessing of La Campanella


 Bleeds sugar if you cut it, but still a very cute, cheerful fantasy that knows exactly what it is and wants to do.



 Treads that fine line of enjoying low-brow humor and succumbing to being lazy with it. Sometimes it doesn’t work so well.


Student Council Officers


Really needs to shake off its 4-panel comic origins and keep the first episode’s energy to stay fun.

Let’s Go Play


The genre equivilent of "Will It Blend?" along with the exact same budget.


High School of the Dead


All flash boobs and no substance, which is already beginning to wear thin, but at least it’s amusing to make fun of the writing.



 First episode was a tad dull and all recap, but we’re back to the fighting and catching them all now.

Sengoku Basara 2


 Doesn’t quite capture the first season’s insanity, and the Incredible Hulk-Jesus is no Oda Nobunaga.


For the time being, my schedule is tentatively looking like:

Monday: Occult Academy
Tuesday: Nil
Wednesday: Ookami-san
Thursday: Probably Legend2, maybe Shiki
Friday: Campanella, Mitsudomoe
Saturday: Student Council
Sunday: HSotD, Sekirei, Basara

Back to clustering on the weekends again, although Sunday’s schedule of one show about every 8 hours beginning at 1am is a tad draining. I’ll end up covering something on Thursday, but I can’t say that I’m particularly thrilled with either of those at the moment. Overall though, a really good season for action, and while the comedies had a great first showing, almost all of them stumbled pretty badly in their second episodes. Hopefully they’ll be able to pick it back up in the coming weeks. It’s looking like a very promising season at the moment, although it’s going to take quite a bit of mental gymnastics to come to terms with Sekirei being the most intelligent thing airing on Sundays.

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20 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • demonic apostle says:

    Blog shiki please! At least it looks interesting, if not you can always make fun of the characters!

    • Anise Punter says:

      If no one has had their strawberry stolen yet, then I’m afraid no, it is not :(

  • Aex says:

    I’m a little surprised you aren’t amused by how ice-cold two of the girls are in “Let’s Go Play”, Aroduc. I thought a harem made up of two sociopaths, a space-cat, and a killer in-love might spark your interest. You should at least see what happens in episode 2, and if the attack on Kiyo’s house isn’t good enough (at least that’s what I assume will happen), then I agree on dropping it. I just gotta see how the teacher and Minami handle attacking Eris in front of Kiyo, since right now it doesn’t seem like they really care if he dies or not.

    • Albedo says:

      I’m just hoping that little miss gun teleporter turns out to be yandere. She certainly acted like it in her second scene.

  • Joule says:

    Ookami’s going to be a painful one to blog. I don’t personally mind all the Satomi Arai but as for everyone else…

    The show needs to get better and soon.

    I haven’t seen you potentially blog this many shows in awhile Aroduc. Then again I can at least a couple that could be dropped.

    • Solaris says:

      No! No! I’m actually dying anticipating how and how much will Aroduc bash that crap of Ookami. Let him blog that, for the sake of LULz.

    • sora says:

      I’m just preying it will get better… by seeing Aroduc bash stuff is still amusing and entertaining… continue the bashing Aroduc!!!

  • zalkor says:

    “The genre equivilent of “Will It Blend?” along with the exact same budget.”

    You are awesome.

  • Jack Damn says:

    Good stuff. Looks like Sunday is going to be quite busy around here this season.

  • lvlln says:

    I’m loving Ookami-san precisely because of the narrator. She just makes the show for me. The other characters, including the 2 protagonists, are really meh.

    I’m also enjoying Student Council Officers because of the 4-koma style bite-size gags. The reason it works is that it doesn’t really let up, not giving us a chance to react before moving on to the next gag. Because, again, the plot and the characters are kinda meh.

  • Pozzy says:

    sad season is sad.

    i kinda like ‘lets go play’ though… im probably just drawn to the super woman that pulls weapons out of thin air though (i really shouldnt be expecting top notch action out of this ecchi thing, but i cant help myself)

    also i feel like shiki just needs another episode to really start going. too much setup in the premiere. although i can understand if you want a terribad sci-fi adventure to make sarcastic remarks about instead. i love your blog for that in the first place =D

  • sage says:

    The genre equivilent of “Will It Blend?” along with the exact same budget.

    It’d be funny if at the end of this show we all go “YES! IT BLENDS!”.

  • The Phantom says:

    IMO Shiki is better than half of the shows that are airing, Gakuen Mokushiroku, and Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin those three are must watch for me.

    Shows like Asobi ni Iku yo and Ookami-san have potential I am keeping an eye on those two, and ignoring completely the rest.

  • Anise Punter says:

    To me, this season hinges almost entirely on whether Ookami manages to fix itself, and that will sadly require axing Kuroko, who is just not fit for the role of narrator.

    Enjoyed the first two of Legendary Heroes and episode 2 of Campanella, and Basara was enjoyable enough; It’s already looking like Student Council Officers is sadly doomed to mediocrity and Strike Witches is Strike Witches.

  • Yue says:

    DAMN KUROKO! It’s like she escaped Academy City and works part~time as a mind~numbing narrator in Otogibana City. [quick! grab her while she’s drooling]

    …oh, yeah. Definitely what we need this season; BOOBS, MANBOOBS, and a drop of plot.

    A bit sad that catboobs didn’t made it to the list. All hail, Lord Aroduc!

  • Solaris says:

    I don’t think Ookami could get better, given its premises and how bad it’s being directed. All of the fantasy-shars are out of char and flat stereotypes. Situations aren’t comic but simply stupid.

    And Again for Kuroko. Wouldn’t that voice be better Akaiboshi’s? It’d add some quite an interesting mood Akaiboshi’s unspicy personality. The narrator should just do … the narrator instead of going in the way of narration :P

  • Sam says:

    I hope you blog Shiki. I don’t even mind if you make fun of the characters, I’d like to see your take on it

  • what happened to originality? says:

    high school of the dead is pretty much the only one on my to watch list atm. its pretty much one of the few anime ive seen with a remote spark of originality (afaik its the only manga/anime to do the whole zombie apocalaypse thing) so im hoping it will keep me entertained.

    some of the rest ill keep an eye on, mainly ookami and shiki but other than that not much else.

    well thats my 2 cents worth…

  • iRathiest says:

    Just wondering: Legend^2 isn’t crowned. Have you dropped blogging it?