Guardian Charm Himari #05 — Sexual Healing

February 3rd, 2010


Notice how Yuuto’s the bottom in most cases?


Meh. Probably the weakest episode to date, especially compared with last week’s episode and the ‘Hardcore’ promo. The first half was a little too consumed by needless exposition and the second half reeked of fanservice for the sake of throwing up some boobs to fill time. Ques showed up at the end, so at least next week should be a lot better, but the only important thing here that wasn’t already blatently obvious is the reveal that Himari isn’t the girl in Yuuto’s memory. I wonder who ever could it be. Dot dot dot, sarcastic ellipses.  

Anyway, aside from Shizuku wethumping Yuuto back into good health, most of the rest of the first half was spent explaining that Yuuto has MAGIC POWERS and that Himari may in fact not be a particularly nice breed of demon. What a shock. The giant pillar of light and insane bloodlust weren’t clues enough for me. Yuuto starts to try to artificially grow a pair of balls in the second half, but still can’t use his powers unless it’s a life or death situation, so the harem switches tactics and tries to overstimulate him because… uh… because. That’s about the sum and total of the thought that went into the second half. You can’t hump away all your problems, Shizuku.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • dood says:

    AlL I have heard is:
    “Buy the DVDs (Or Blu-Ray)”
    “Buy the DVDs (Or Blu-Ray)”
    “Buy the DVDs (Or Blu-Ray)”

  • Anonymous says:

    stand away from shizuku, SHE’S GONNA BLOW

    • thenightsshadow says:

      You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

      In all seriousness, that sort of thing kinda detracts from the story, but is it kinda sad I expected it?

  • Nanaya says:

    The subtlety of a flying brick, that censorship. I’m not much for workaround fanservice, but they could have at least tried to make it less blatantly censored…

  • Anise Punter says:

    “You can’t hump away all your problems, Shizuku.”

    The words of someone who gave up too quickly.

  • Silentbrick says:

    It’s patently obvious that Yuuto isn’t male. He’s effectively living alone with 2 girls who constantly creep into his bed at night. He’s totally unafraid of girls finding anything in his room and he recoils from touching their breasts.

    Apparently in addition to losing his memory, he was castrated as a child.

  • wilson191 says:

    Nah…he’s just waiting for his harem list to complete before getting into some action…XD

    • Albedo says:

      lol got to love the basics of harem. Always a laugh. Wish there was a yandere in this one…

  • Vegetarian4Life says:

    “I wonder who ever could it be. Dot dot dot, sarcastic ellipses.”

    It wasn’t blatantly obvious to me at least until I read the chapter in the manga and found out.