Kämpfer #05 — Service Service Service

October 29th, 2009


Like you expected anything different from this episode.


A pure fanservice episode through and through with a dumb play that dragged on for entirely too long. The most important thing is that Motoko’s finally back in the city and picked up her animal at the end of the episode. Maybe now we can get away from the school’s abnormally large lesbian sexual predator population and back to the arsonists. It does explain quite a bit about this setting that there are entire contigents of boys that dress up as girls and then attempt to rush en masse into the girl’s side. And that the girls use high explosives to keep themselves safe. All of a sudden, a little gunfire in the library barely seems like it’s anything at all.

As for the rest, whatever. Everybody did the same things that they normally do, only under the thin guise of a story about the Dead Animal Kingdom. Natsuru almost gained some man points by being in something vaguely masculine, but then he was upstaged by Shizuku… and his clothes were sabotaged so that they’d fall apart anyway. And then Shizuku shoved her tongue down Natsuru’s throat, complete with spit trail afterward. Well, she did win at least. To the victory go the spoiled goods. The preview for next week was a lot more interesting than most of the rest, featurin not only Matoko transformed, but Natsuru fighting someone as well as male Natsuru getting a chance at Sakura.



Motoko, hanged dogs, and male Natsuru finally gets a chance.

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  • wilson191 says:

    Shizuru wons!!!
    To the victor goes the spoil….lol

  • Celestial says:

    thx 4 spoiling the whole episode on the front page OMG.