Minami-ke: Dessert OVA — Love and Carrots

June 24th, 2009


Get your mind out of the gutter, you perverts.

Imagine my surprise at discovering this had been out for a few days now. Oops. Also, べつばら  (Betsubara) is sort of an after-meal expression leading into dessert. JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR AND I’M NOT CRAZY HERE. Any more than usual at any rate.


There are certainly worse ways to start and end an episode than with Hosaka. Unfortunately, he really didn’t do much particularly interesting, aside from forcing his ‘love’ down Hayami’s throat. A Hosaka that doesn’t open his shirt to let his masculinity air out is barely a Hosaka at all. The first couple parts weren’t great, but I did enjoy both of the Valentine’s Day bits. The whole Yoshino thing was totally recycled from the first time Yoshino encountered Mako-chan without a single new joke really. The last part, where Maki tricked Fujioka into being a bit more forward than he should have and Kana misinterpreting it in various ways… including wanting to follow her into the girl’s bathroom, was easily my favorite. I’m also not entirely sure why they suddenly decided to throw in a Chiaki panty shot after all this time, but… well… it’s there. Repeatedly.

Brief Summary:

Part 1 kicked off with Hayami questioning Hosaka’s love, leading him into his normal rants. Then he ran into Chiaki at the grocery store, who was thinking about skipping the carrots she hates from the grocery list, but his declaration of "carrots are love" convinced her to buy them and even eat them, later sending Haruka into a carrot planning frenzy. Hosaka, meanwhile, was attempting to forcefeed Hayami his ‘love’ to show her it was real. Yoshino showed up for part 2 and Makoto/Kana wondered if she knew about him. Eventually, Mako had to clean the bath and when Yoshino went in to help, Makoto tripped and fell on her, prompting her to say that he looked like a guy right then… but she still has no clue. Part 3 was the girls sitting around discussing Valentine’s Day. Kana and Maki slowly eliminated all of them from being ‘qualified’ before accidentally eliminating themselves. After Haruka showed up with some chocolates, they spazzed out when Fujioka came over to hang out. It ended with Fujioka wondering about Valentine’s Day after seeing Hosaka orating to himself. Maki tricked him into being extra confident, leading to various mishaps. Kana thought he was being extra weird and gave him chocolate for it, completely forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day.

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  • thenightsshadow says:

    So basically, nothing out of the ordinary?

  • jeffng9 says:

    so her frens advise her to give the chocolate to the guy?
    hahaha i hope no flase hope here…

  • Myssa Rei says:


    That aside, it really galls me that they left the Serious Business eyes and facial expressions for the specials. Sheesh.

  • teenheat says:

    did not expect to see chiaki panties

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