ToraDora SOS! — Suck It, Haruhi-chan

February 25th, 2009


JCStaff has the best DVD extras.


With the second DVD release of ToraDora! comes ToraDora SOS!, chibified cosplaying versions of the characters doing strange things. While the parody is quite a bit less than the Shana-tan or Index-tan specials, they do ramp up the weirdness and the cuteness. Ryuuji just about wet himself when given a seat across from Minori and Ami makes the cutest little puppy imaginable. Best of all, Inko had more screen time than Kitamura, though 20 seconds of watching him thrash about just to say "panties" did make my mind slowly turn to a darker place where Cthulu seems natural. Watching this at 2am probably didn’t help that either.

It’s only five minutes long, and probably something that JCStaff threw together in a weekend to make fun of Kadokawa. I support them in this endevor, but must admit that I’d watch puppy Ami any day of the week. On the other hand, it just reminds me how awesome of a job JCStaff does with being downright adorable when they want to. Maybe one day we’ll get that proper Mahoraba ending or a second season of Potemayo.

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  • Yue says:

    Mmmm, can I ask what is about “to make fun of Kadokawa?”

    That aside, the horrid image of Inko~chan make the creatures in Silent Hill seem like “less gruesome.” x_X

  • IcyStorm says:

    @Yue: Make fun of Kadokawa for their Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san shorts.

  • Haesslich says:

    Yup… Ami-tan exists for the Ami fans, and Taiga-tan is cute. Gotta love those extras. ;)

    Mind you, with the anime ending having partly been used by the mangaka, I doubt that they’ve enough material to show the “several years later” epilogue that truly ended the story.

  • Azure says:

    Is it just me, or does this artstyle seem reminiscent of some of the stuff used in IOSYS’ flashes? (Make us Your Brides and Eirin’s Clinic especially come to mind…)

  • Kraker2k says:

    “second season of Potemayo.”

    Yes yes yes, this!

    Anyway, the screencaps look insanely adorable.

  • sage says:


  • Yue says:

    I see, thank you for the info. ^_^

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  • Totali says:



  • Totali says:

    omg I didn’t say that. ADMIN POWER ABUSE. NO.

  • poploku32 says:

    mmm do u guys know when are the dvds gonna be sell in the US or if they are can someone tell where to buy them,not only that if its not of a bother i would like to know if the light novels will come out in english