Casshern SINS #16 — Ringo Continues to Horrify

January 18th, 2009


Can’t we get a paper bag to put over her head?


Hrm, well… let’s see… which to talk about first, the 100 ton Ringo flashback foreshadowing, or the 7 minutes of Dio fights, loses, wins against some random robots? I guess let’s go with the painfully boring one. Okay, so Ohji heard Luna telling him to live, and her voice led him to a glowing baby. We’re now past any pretense of subtlety (like there was any to begin with) and it’s starting to get embarassing. How much longer are they going to drag this out? Because we still need to sit through some kind of foreshadowing and then revelation that the other ‘Luna’ isn’t real or something along those lines.

At least the Dio fights were better than the last couple weeks, but very very truncated, and his whole little segment only lasted about 10 minutes anyway, so it felt extremely rushed. I was a bit shocked for a moment when he did lose and wondered if they were going to introduce some other more sinister villains this late in the game, but no… both were dead about five minutes later. I think it does diminish Dio quite a bit to let him get beaten by a pair of random throwaways though. So much for manhandling Dune and going toe to toe with Casshern. Throw enough junkbots at him and he’s apparently going to lose. I also wished he had shown some overt sign of being pissed off (or accepting) Leda when she saved his tail. The emotionless schtick while she drapes herself all over him like a drunk 19 year old at Mardi Gras is getting old.


How did they even manage to overlook an ocean that stretches across the horizon anyway?

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • TJ says:

    Dio got whupped by some random bots!? Tsk tsk. So much for trying to take over the world. At least Casshern never lost against random bots.

    I guess the theory of Ringo being the true Luna is starting to get some real momentum now lol…

  • lol says:

    this show has gone downhill.. so sad. I will watch over it till death, because I hate not finishing what I start.

    Show of Emo Jesus,glowing retarded baby, and woman who has schizophrenia (kind of like kimura kaere from zetsubou).