Ga-rei -Zero- #11 — Surpassing the Magical Combat Iron

December 15th, 2008


You have got to be kidding me.


It’s not just the minigun stored in her leg, nor the swords in the wheelchair, nor that it’s a rocket propelled wheelchair, it’s all three things. Props to the animation staff for attempting to be confusing and diffuse the ridiculousness thrown at them by their writers for trying to keep the wheelchair and leg gun off screen as much as possible through that little 30 second fight, but come on… a rocket powered combat wheelchair? Shouldn’t she have just been holding the swords in her hands instead of attaching them to her side like some kind of demented chariot? And Yomi… how the blazes were you even hit by that? You should feel ashamed of yourself. It’s a bit interesting to me how the Tsuchimiya monster seems to inflict sympathetic damage on its user, but Yomi’s has yet to show any of that, even when tagged with bullets or massive explosions, although I imagine that was probably just a useful plot device to kill Kagura’s father off.

The body count may or may not have been high as we approach the conclusion. A Nabuu got an arm chewed off, Drillman was bit in the eyes by a snake, and Yomi was standing over the incredible wheelchair and wire tagteam duo with one of them pretty critically wounded, but the only death actually shown was Kagura’s father, who spent the opening minuts fighting Yomi and then the next 20 minutes of the episode dying. You’d think this was an opera with how long his death scene lasted. Overall though, an alright episode. I could have done without the reappearance of the giant naked afro guy, or watching a character spend more time dying than he did existing in all previous episodes combined, especially when it was pretty obvious Kagura would be getting the magical beasty whatsit from the start, but hey… all the sort of clumsy writing things pale when compared to wheelchair sword fighting.

Finale next week (probably, TVH seems to think that there’s a 13th episode, but they’re the only ones), and I’m placing my money on Noriyuki sacrificing himself to hug Yomi to death while Kagura deals with butterfly boy. As long as they don’t introduce a magical combat POG, I think we should be alright.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Wonder if this’ll get a second season?

  • passer-by says:

    From what I remember in the manga, Kagura uses this ( to stab Yomi. Well more like for a moment Yomi regained her sane self and told Kagura to kill her. So maybe we’ll get that?

  • blur says:

    i thought rangurran is attached to yomi’s sword, isn’t it, that’s why whoever holds the sword controls it. that multi-eyed lion has no loyalty.

    whereas byakuei is inside kagura’s father’s body, so any injury to byakuei will also show on the wielder since they are “joined” together (by the chains).

  • Aroduc says:

    Byakuei is tied to the stone, which Kagura is now wearing like an earring. I don’t think it’s going to be going all grotesquely veiny like it was on her father.

  • Ryan A says:

    Wheelchair skill was lol. I didn’t understand how they couldn’t kill Yomi, I mean obviously it shouldn’t happen in this part of the plot, but she was doomed a few times, but somehow came out okay … and thinking back about Mei, who was killed physically, I feel its a bit unbelievable that Yomi survived, unless its something like she can’t die unless she is in her “normal-self” mode.

    They should have just downplayed that wheelchair stuff and just show Yomi overpowering the situation…

    So next week is it … thank god.

  • Yue says:


  • Bitemeass says:

    Well if this anime is a true prequel to the manga I bet it ends with a apathetic high school guy who can see ghosts

  • Rogerrrr says:

    I see somebody doesn’t read the manga.

    Well, since it was the big point to this post, let’s get into the wheelchair. I’m sure if they could make Yomi fight with a magical chain-iron with holy waters of doom, they could figure in magical wheelchair/minigun in the leg/super ninjas. Also, there weren’t any rockets. :o Besides, I think we were already bought on ridiculous weapons when Natsuki killed zombies with her awesome motorcycle wheel scriptures of death.

    For the Ga-rei, Byakuei isn’t fully released and must be bound to a person’s soul so it isn’t so hard to believe it causes damage to the user. Nue is totally separate from Yomi. Actually, late in the manga, Kagura fully releases Byakuei to let it be stronger and she ends up not taking the damage and nearly losing control. Basically, Byakuei kicks all ass at full.

    About the dying, hey, he needed to give Byakuei to Kagura, right? That was mostly explaining it, all the stuff I said up there ^.

    Looks like it’ll end next ep, but more than one place pegs it for 13 so you never know. Maybe the finale’s a two-parter.

  • BTK says:

    Yomi and Butterfly boy can’t die since they have to appear in the second arc, which is where the manga starts at. Sorry to disappoint those who have just seen the final episode, but Yomi is alive. I think there will be second season based on the manga because I don’t see why..I mean, they came up with the original story, so why not make animate the manga, which is the second season.

  • Totali says:

    Way too kill off the suspense naked foreigner.

  • Syan says:

    Question. If you watch this much Anime, why do are most of your reviews either mocking or downplaying the show? You repeat the word cliche in many many of your reviews but forget that almost all storylines are cliche, especially ones in Anime.

    However, reading your ‘basic guildlines’ I assume my question falls under ‘stupid comment’ and will be deleted, mocked, or both in short order.