Ga-rei -Zero- #10 — The Ga-rei Super Censorship Art Challenge!

December 7th, 2008


Fun for the whole family!


A very predictible but still enjoyable episode, with some of giant floodlights out of nowhere to obscure nudity somehow losing out in the amusing censorship category to a spontaneous floating puke yellow cloud. That isn’t censorship, that’s a challenge. They want us to put our own censorship over Kazuki’s gaping sword wound. It’s an open call to make that scene as unintentionally hilarious as possible. What other purpose could there be for using a giant yellow spherical cloud? Maybe it’s a face… maybe it’s a Dragon Ball… maybe it’s a delicious pie… just imagine the possibilities!

Oh right… the rest of the episode. Most of the second half takes place parallel to episode 2, so we got probably close to 3 or 4 minutes of rehash from there. After that, we see Noriyuki’s side from when he and Kagura split up, along with Yomi cutting off Kazuki’s legs and then killing him, all while taunting (and then briefly begging when she regained control) Noriyuki to kill her before ending about 5 seconds after where episode 2 ended with Kagura’s father coming to her rescue.

So… yeah, Kagura was saved at the last second and Yomi ran amok through most of the episode. Not exactly the most shocking turn of events here aside from Kazuki getting offed (but who cares about him?), and most of the action was recycled from two months ago, so that wasn’t exactly the most interesting thing either. It was still a decent episode overall though and brought us to where we can continue the story finally. Besides, I’ve already gotten well over 30 minutes worth of entertainment value out of the yellow blob of censorship, so I’m certainly not complaining. Thinking about that just sort of overrides any other lasting thoughts about the episode.


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  • Kabitzin says:



  • Yue says:

    Taking censorship to profound new heights, now that’s entertainment. ^_^

  • ac says:

    there is an uncensored version which airs later /you probably know this

  • Anonymous says:

    You also get to see how Yomi survived the explosion, granted, it was easy to guess at. Killing Kazuki was interesting. I wonder if the other bits of the manga setting will be showing up next ep. I think we’ll be seeing a major event of Ga-Rei past next, though, again, it feels rushed to me if that’s the case. Still, they’re signed up for 13 episodes so I guess it has to happen this way.

  • dqdq says:

    güzel güzel :D

  • gege says:

    tekrar güzel :D

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