Zero no Tsukaima ~ The Princesses’ Rondo #09 — The Less Said, The Better

September 1st, 2008


And yet, here I am, writing.


A tremendously boring episode full of what might pass for setup or development elsewhere, but I couldn’t really bring myself to care. Evil elf watches Tabitha sleep, and then lets her know that they’re going to be making her crazy too. Between the insane clown that rides on a flying manta ray, the elf that watches you sleep, and Captain Pedophile leading them all in the search of some kind of holy land, sanity is apparently on a holiday here. Also, Sylpheed spends all of 5 minutes of screentime pretending to be Tabitha’s sister before just transforming in front of everybody. What was the point of pretending like you were her sister again? Why didn’t she just do that from the start?

Sadly, exceedingly naked and exceedingly squeaky Sylpheed was pretty much the highlight of the episode. Most of the rest was Henrietta being a ginormous bitch and throwing everybody in jail after they resigned nobility when she forbade them from helping Tabitha. Then, about seven minutes of Louise whining at Henrietta, they break up too. Whoopie. The biggest mystery of this episode involving talk of soul potions, holy lands, and legendary shapeshifting dragons… is why all of these supposedly highly educated mages couldn’t put two and two together about a naked girl suddenly appearing and disappearing in the middle of a crowded campus, and a dragon appearing the next moment.

Also on the mysteries list would be the question as to why Siesta was hanging out with all the students. Aren’t they all nobles that look down on spit on her? Doesn’t she have work that she should be doing? Is she taking off her pants to give them to Sylpheed in the preview?

No, wait… scratch that. The bigger mystery is how they managed to get Kirche and Colbert’s fortress of doom mobilized and flown what appears to be an out of control 10 miles per hour before anybody found Sylpheed a pair of pants. They were just giving their robes away earlier, but all they could scrounge up for Sylpheed was a burlap sack. Can’t they just magick up some clothes? Or maybe one of these noble jerks could lend her their cloak instead of just gawping at her. It’s not even like it was a flattering burlap sack.


What lies beneath Siesta’s skirt? My guess: she opens up like a matryoshka doll.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    Sadly, exceedingly naked and exceedingly squeaky Sylpheed was pretty much the highlight of the episode.

    How is this sad again?

  • rai. says:

    lol i think sylpheed had to transform into a girl cos a dragon cant speak? so she wudnt be able to ask them to save tabitha cos they wudnt understand or something…maybe…