Zero no Tsukaima – The Princess’ Rondo #12 — The Power of Contrivance

September 21st, 2008


Don’t underestimate it.


Well… that was truly godawful. Louise had a dream about Tabitha and Saito together and lost confidence in herself, so could no longer use magic. Therefore, when the giant golem last boss appeared, everybody had to scurry around like ants until Tabitha decided to make out with Saito and Louise got all uppity again. Yes, I’m not kidding. It sounds like something that should happen as a filler episode partway through the series, but no, this was the big climax. This would all make a lot more sense if… say… Louise had failed at resummoning Saito way back in episode three and this had been built up as the central theme for the show… which way back when, is kind of what I expected, but it was completely dropped for 9 episodes in order to come back full force in this one. Why? I have no idea.

Then at the end, after a magical artillery shot destroys the golem in one hit, everybody gets welcomed back, the villains laugh like maniacs in the distance, and Tabitha kidnaps Saito. LOLSEEYA NEXT SEASON GUYZ. They’d have to in order to wrap up… say… any of the villains actual plans and such. Hell, the antagonists weren’t even particularly set back. Sheffield just had a few bruises while Captain Crazy wasn’t even part of the fight. I guess the animation was above average for the series, but still not particularly amazing. Don’t mind me, I’m just searching for something… anything positive to say here.

Final thoughts at the bottom.


I expected little and I got little. Well, I got annoyed with Noto, which probably counts as a minus, but the show was pretty much more of the same, albeit this time with a little bit more fanservice and nonsense and a little bit less adventure. It’s tough to be too hard on a series when you expected it to be mindless time consuming drek in the first place, but whatever. Go ahead and insert whatever complaints you may have about pacing, nonsensical plot, villains, etc etc etc. At least it inspired me to write some poetry one week… if you can even call limericks poetry. I’m really not certain what else to say. It was a nice diversion during the weeks that Nabari got distracted and obsessed with developing its yaoi overtones, but aside from the lack of anything else happening on Sundays, really not a recommendable show except to those extremely bored or with nothing better to do. It threatened to be amusing, or at least passably interesting a few times, but in the end, they had to fabricate a crisis by recycling a thrown out plot device from the start of the series.

Well bloody done.

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24 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hinano says:

    I’m not doing season 4 I swear.

  • Hinano says:

    Also they never explained what happened to Tabitha’s mom? Or why she snapped out of it? Or DID she? LOL loose threads for the win!

  • Aroduc says:

    Man, they explained her craziness back in the second series, Hinano. And I wouldn’t say that she snapped out of it really, but who knows.

  • Gummi says:

    Wait one second, there wasent this suppose to be a 13 episode spin off?

  • AGear2Ax says:

    Hey, it is true that there will be a special episode of ZnT in the DVD release? There will be more painful plot ZnT style?

  • Totali says:


    Anti aircraft/tank gun or artillery field gun….either way….this was silly.

  • axel says:

    so…..why’s the title of the season Th Princess’ Rondo?

  • Haesslich says:

    No, no, no, Hinano. The proper response to an episode like this is the following:

    “WTF IS THIS SHIT?!?” Hell, Saito’s been telling Louise he cares, showing her he cares, and she STILL goes all emo and loses her magic because she thinks he doesn’t? Where the hell did she get her lobotomy, and how do I order them in bulk so I can have them done to other people?

  • Di Gi Charat says:

    Louise should just ditch saito and join starfleet. Actually… Colbert should ditch them and join starfleet.

    Captain Colbert: Ensign, set course, warp 5… Engage!

    Bald Starfleet capt’ns are sexy.

    Thoughts about Zero no Titties are fractured between here, hinano’s and totali’s.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    WTF did I use charat instead of kazune -_-

  • Captain Jackanape says:

    Well well well, WELL! I’m glad I haven’t watched this season since episode 5. So I guess it was no blood lost on my endeavor, but thank you Aroduc for braving the tortures of bad anime writing and shameless fan service.

    We could only hope they try and stride away from the giddy harem genera for more than 5 minutes in the next series, and actually get some character development , the other female casts some boyfriends, and something else to relieve this stale premise. But this is japan we’re talking here, once a harem show, ALWAYS a harem show.

    Seriously, way back in season one, I was hoping saito was gonna end up some badass with weapon skills (UNLIMITED SAITO WORKS!), and this is what we get, saito’s IQ(and most of the cast for that matter) gets chopped in half, earth technology is used as deus ex machina instead of a plot device, and the good guys doing such a bad job that you want to see the bad guys actually win.

    Uhhgg. I need an aspirin.

  • Ryugan Koji says:

    only a thing comes to my mind when i see this

    fire power when it doesnt works it because you dont have use enought of it

  • ヽ(`・ω・´)ノ says:

    that short ending x_x;and.. what happened with the crazy dude with your crazy laugh evil?
    because they did not give any detail about the mother of Tabitha to take away what crazy?
    this need episode extra >.<

  • Kabitzin says:

    Tabitha’s mom woke up for a split second and went back to sleep. I’m not sure she really snapped out of it, but that lady needs to get some food in her system cause she looks like crap.

  • Webos says:

    Why the hell do they always conveniently pull some outdated earth weapon whenever a giant golem appears? First it was the Missile Launcher that may have been powerful…..circa vietnam war. Then they pull out the zero, which would have been powerful….circa world war 2. Then they pull out this artillery cannon that would have been powerful….circa korean war. I mean, those outdated weapons totally p00nzered those magic creatures and dragons and all. It took the best golem that world could produce to barely deflect an outdated artillery cannon. SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN AUTO-LAUNCHING TACTICAL NUKE LAUNCHER….BIATCH!

    Or maybe just tried firing the artillery cannon more than once. Sometimes I wish I could find a japanese anime based in an alternate world that DOESN’T fail at incorporating modern earth technology.

  • Shadowstar says:

    I HOPE the next seen is hurried
    that seemed like a half season…not fair…..!

    Because of this season i have to say shakugan no shana has passed tsukaima for my fav anime

  • Shadowstar says:

    and not to be perverted…
    but i wish they would have had sex by now…

  • gustavolation says:

    n what about the ring that was stolen by the evil people. when saito went to get a tear of the god of the lake saito promise to bring that ring back n that was on season 2 i tough that all will be resolve in season 3 but at the end they didn’t finish the story i’m sure that there will be a season 4

  • Josh says:

    Im pretty Sure as far as her mother goes that was te power of DISPELL. thats my guess ne way when you put 2 and 2 together.

  • Yuuhi says:

    This season was fucking suckage. Nothing else to say. Fail, just fail.

  • sora fujino says:

    I would have to say, this whole entire series was an EPIC FAILURE. There are soooo many things left untouched (well, my perverted mind just thought of something) and untied (again, excuse my mind) that it’s not even funny, I fear that if I venture into another season I may end up rapping something from anger (just kidding). And it amazes me how the series degraded from something that may had potential to a legal porn for 13 years old and up.
    Personally the relationship of Louise and Saito was very disappointing, you would think that after Saito made out with Louise in a boat you would think they would take it to the next step and actually HAVE a relationship! But NOOOOO! After watching the whole series, I thought to myself, Saito and Louise should just do the damn thing and get it over with, the suspense was sooo unnecessary.
    The plot and the character development . . . watching a dead corpse writher away is more developing than this. And what about the mysterious of Saito’s powers and void, and all of the other things they fail to tied up in the series?
    Oh, and I have never seen so much fan service in my life. I’m so tried of it that I can’t even bear to look at myself. And if I really (and I really doubt I would) wanted to see all of that, I could just look in the mirror. And as I watch the IQ and attention span of the characters writher away to that of a rodent, I ask myself, what have we done to deserve this tragedy?
    At the end of the day, I just have to say EPIC FAILURE and that I am ashamed to have put myself through such heartache and pain watching this.

  • sora fujino says:

    Oh, by the way, Aroduc, I think you plot idea was genius! you should write this story.

  • tom_t says:

    There are so many questions left
    for example : What will happen to thabithas mom
    or what will do king joseph next