Kanokon #11 — Spatula++

June 14th, 2008


That’s the important thing here.


You know what? I’ve seen the worst that this show can throw at me. Bandaids on a cutting board are absolutely nothing in compared to the pasties and thong getup nor to the ass licking. There’s nothing left to surprise or astound me about this show and thus, it’s coasting on the momentum that I’ve already come this far, so dammit, I may as well just finish watching the stupid thing. At least I get to tick off another spatula, so it wasn’t that bad. There was also some absolutely terrifying breast art this episode. Chizuru’s ‘mom’ went from inflated like a silicon nightmare to painfully sagging over about 2 seconds. Chizuru was also less whoreish than usual, which was kind of a strange change for her character after whining just last week that she was worthless without being able to rub her breasts on Kouta. Or was that two weeks ago? I so don’t even care anymore.



Who even cares anymore?

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • totali says:

    Spatula fetish…..?

  • Lynn says:

    There is no words to describe this show LOL

    What is the point for Nozomu even being in the series anyway -_-

  • Sheba says:

    >> What is the point for Nozomu even being in the series anyway -_-

    The Flast Chest loving audience.

  • zzomg says:

    wow, Aroduc, i typed “bandaid pr0n” in googl3 n guess what page came first :-D

  • beto says:

    la serie de kanokon es una de las mejores que he visto hojala y le hagan su segunda parte