Kanokon #08 — I Want Those Twenty Minutes of My Life Back

May 24th, 2008


You really suck, Chizuru.


"Hey Aroduc, how slow were you on this one?"
"So slow that I get to link to Totali!"

I guess it was episode 7 that pissed off the censors enough to get it yanked from the internet airways, because their episode was pretty tame. Unfortunately, it was also boring as sin. I keep my expectations dreadfully low for Kanokon anyway, but even for that, this episode was awful. Chizuru is just such a disgusting little slut, and I’m being very precise with my wordchoice here. When Kouta’s drunk on firewater and she’s off moping around about why he’s hitting on Nozomu, she starts lamenting that her body must not be nice enough, or her breasts not good enough. Can she possibly be more of a selfcentered vapid floozy bitch?

Ugh though… nothing creative at all about this episode. Nothing even interesting to talk about that it did weirdly aside from being exceedingly formulaic and boring. Tayura had a nice scene with Asahina I guess, but he lost points with me after his scheme to get her drunk so he could score backfired. Maybe the implied attempt at daterape was the problem with the episode.



Thankfully Totali beat me to this one due to my annoying human need for sleep, so at least I can just tell you to go bother him if the ‘story’ of this episode interests you instead of spending any more time writing up a quick summary.


Loli ninja twins vs giant centipede.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dan says:

    so what was so bad about the episode that it was taken off the internet or w/e?

  • barbarra says:

    The fox milf played around with the shota’s dick while washing him

  • totali says:

    Well I happen to have a time machine here in my pocket…

  • suguru says:

    If this show had even one likeable character, I’d still be watching it…I feel bad for Kawasumi Ayako, she deserves better roles than Chizuru. Lafiel and Mahoro > impassable wall > Chizuru, IMHO anyway…

  • Aroduc says:

    They’ve done far worse than the 2 seconds of implied handjob/washing the crotch though. I think someone may have finally complained… or the cable company made a stink about people getting their content for free. Either/or.

  • Tensho says:

    I had already known from the beginning that this is only a little less than a hentai anime.

  • namelessLoli says:

    It honestly amazes me that you’re still following this, Aroduc.

  • bob says:

    sooooo it took you this long for you to realise that this anime have sluts in it?

    (no offence Aroduc)