Kanokon #08 Finally Crosses the Line

May 21st, 2008

Apparently episode 8 is the straw (or in this case, probably a 10 ton lead weight) that broke the camel’s back and Kanokon has been yanked from its online broadcasting services. It’ll still be airing at usual (10:30 am, get yer fanservice!), but not online… without calling the 1-900 number and requesting to be put in touch with your overly friendly neighborhood fox at any rate. I knew it was up to something with that mysterious preview for episode 8. Alright. No more procrastination for me.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mr.Kyuubi says:

    So then how do we get to see anymore Kanokon? Torrents!?!? >.<

  • sage says:

    This is the perfect chance to drop this pathetic excuse of a show.

  • bob says:

    i don’t think he will drop it since he been bloging Kanokon for a while now

  • Hey, it’s only five more eps; we gotta find out how it all comes out.

  • Aroduc says:

    Word choice!! ^^

  • ubu roi says:

    From the Diaries of Lazarus Long: “Love comes in spurts.”

    BTW, episode 8? My first thought was: “Is Ayako’s count off, the services got an onlyine copy, or did you mean ep 7?” Then I realized you meant that episode 8 was pulled, therefore it’s the one that broke it. I’m just wondering if it was because of something in 8 or if it was a reaction to 7. Guess we’ll find out in a couple of days.

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