Kanokon #07 — Nipply Weather

May 17th, 2008


Bundle up.


Well, I guess we know what the next step up (down?) is. Chizuru showed up in a thong and wearing little hearts on her nipples. Apparently she had just come from her moonlighting gig as a stripper down at the Bada Bing. I actually thought of Grenadier’s Yajirou during that little scene. Now he was a man who knew how to deal with a flouncy topheavy and braindead bimbo always sticking her chest in his face. By the end of it, he didn’t care at all. It was just "oh, you… again." None of this shy, blushing nonsense. No nosebleeds. Just a man who had finally become jaded with waking up everyday to his face smothered in sacks of fat. Here’s to you, Yacchan.

I also distinctly remember Grenadier for dropping 90% of its budget into the final episode, as well as being one of the very rare shows to have a second OP that didn’t start until the show was already over. So anyway, Kanokon…

Aroduc’s note: Writing posts twice because WordPress ate them the first time is fun.

I was a little surprised that Chizuru just whipped out her boob in the middle of the street. No barrier or anything. Just pulled it out. Still not even in a bra, just the stripper patch. Then, Yukihana appears to test Chizuru’s resolve because blah blah demons and humans can’t be together, same tripe as always. She freezes everything and after quite a few entertaining snow antics (the hobo lolis use recycled newspaper to insulate themselves and scrounge garbage for food, and frog loli goes into hibernation), the writers remembered the T&A quota to fill. Ergo, Kouta had to fuse with Chizuru or Nozomu, and of course, the place for sexing is on a solid sheet of ice.

They strip, then strip him and start the normal grinding routine on his legs. I guess it’s a step… sideways… since it was a change from the normal angry grinding. However, forget the skin contact with the ice. Forget the shrinkage. Just think of what would happen if they actually did manage to free Kouta’s package. I’ve never had my tongue stuck on ice, but you know, I’m pretty sure it hurts like hell. What do you think will happen if… Urgh. I just physically cringed as I wrote that. Oh well! No going back. No regrets. Well, I have plenty of regrets here, but that thought’s not one of them.

Anyway, once Chizuru finally gets around to fusing with Kouta, instead of anything interesting happening… like… say… a fight between snowninja and firefox, Yukihana just goes "ha ha, you pass" and wanders off. Thanks, Yukihana. You were a raging disappointment of a ninja. At least she did have nice glutes, and was nowhere near the fanservice machine that every other girl in the episode was.

Next week’s preview confuses me. It appears to be about the hot spring that Chizuru was telling Kouta about before she yanked out her boob, but there’s only one shot of Chizuru in it, and it’s of her back. What’s your game here, Kanokon? Are you really going to make an episode about hot springs that isn’t 20 minutes of Chizuru and Nozomu flouncing around? How did you even manage to find 15 seconds of scenery shots? Something doesn’t add up here at all.



Hot springs are hot!

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  • totali says:


  • sage says:

    Why you do this?

  • If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • Dirty old bastard says:

    There’s actual nipples in this episode, at 21:31 when she comes back from the fox transformation.

    I’m surprised you who actually bother to blog this series didn’t see it.

  • Aroduc says:

    99.99999% certain that she’s still wearing the pasties.

  • Dirty old bastard says:

    No, because the pasties wear heartshaped. It’s only a couple of framed and you won’t see it unless you pause on those frames.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I just went back and checked that final scene closely. Chizuru is not wearing the pasties, but she doesn’t show nipples either. But then, she isn’t wearing panties either. (Just what will the R2 DVDs bring? LOL)

  • Johnny Dont Does says:

    Im still confused by this show, am I watching anime or hentai? Ohwell, hooray for poorly written porn!