Kanokon #04 — Vestalkinesis

April 26th, 2008


Worst or best power ever.


Did we really need a gigantic pan-up of Chizuru mounting Kouta? I don’t even want to start with what’s wrong here, but I think by the way her arms are structured, both of them are technically broken from twisting. Plus, she seems to be in coital bliss just from sitting on top of him. Nobody’s undressed, girl. If gym shorts and a sweaty shirt are enough to strum your viola, then I think you may as well ditch Kouta and go after the track team. Annnnnd then I remember that I just pasted together said pan-up and I feel like there’s something wrong with myself as well. We’re all winners hereabouts. Or losers. Possibly both.

Personally, I’m still in shock that the ‘villain’ (such as it was) had the power of kinetic control over clothing. Where was it when the powers were being handed out? I suppose it’s better than the power to vanquish any baked good. I don’t even know what else to say. It was Kanokon. It was probably the least raunchy episode yet, not that that counts for much, but at least I got to mock various things. Nozomu is always good for some laughs as she daintily squats on Kouta’s face, and Tayura’s provocations as an attempt to likewise be crushed by panties got a chuckle out of me as well.

Quick Summary:

At any rate, the episode was Chizuru looking for a secret weapon to deal with Nozomu, so she breaks into a sealed room and finds a magical bunny girl (excuse me… "bunny jirl") suit that she puts on and then can’t take off. She then somehow gets annoyed by everybody staring at her and thinking dirty thoughts. Like she needed to be in a bunny suit for that. Everybody ends up following Kouta home for their various purposes and then sleeping over. During the night, the bunny suit GLOWS MENACINGLY. Who would have guessed it?

Asahina tries to cut it off, and ends up in a nurse dress and forced to spread her legs by its power. It then starts dragging her around and transforming all girls into different costumes as it goes. SO MUCH FOR THE WHOLE MAGICAL POWERS ARE A SECRET, EH?! It then grows a mouth on her belly and goes berserk, dropping girls on all the guys. Then windscythe boy decided to slice all the costumes up. GOOD PLAN, DUDE.

It transforms into a wedding dress and starts to drain the last of Chizuru’s power as she tries to pull it off. Kouta tries to make himself useful, but it stops him via its CLOTHESKINESIS until windscythe boy cuts off Kouta’s jacket. YOU THINK I’M JOKING. Chizuru transfers herself into Kouta to escape it and then they incinerate it with the power of love.

Yes. The power of love. I can hear Totali shrieking like a 14 year old fangirl already.


ASS. Also, would bagging her really be that bad, Kouta? Really?

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    I hate this show.

  • Cpt.Spaz says:

    Uhhg, Im so glad I don’t watch this show. Seriously, whats with the degrading trend of pointless fan-service recently? What happened to interesting characters and a feasible plot line without pointless filler and “deus ex Machina” powers?

    Ahh but whatever, just do us (and yourself) a favor, and blog somethin else.

  • Aroduc says:

    Spending less time on Friday doesn’t magically give me more time on another day. At least until I finish my time machine.

  • B.Boitano says:

    when you finish that machine, send me a notice, Ill buy one. I got a bone to pick with Kubela Kong.

  • bob says:

    god i think i am going to die of blood lose…

    i don’t mind fan service but this anime is going into hentai territory which is really bad

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate this series… But I keep watching it! WtF? Possibly due to freakin bunch of shoujo and yaoi in this season… Compared with them, this show is really good…

  • redbible says:

    I hate this show.

    Kamen no Maid Guy is better ecchi of this season. Kanokon, puaj. The worst. Kanokon MUST BE HENTAI.

  • Anonymous says:

    >> http://blog.seiha.org/images/kanokon4/kanokon4_62.jpg

    The phrase “lying in a pool of your own blood” just took on another meaning.

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  • elvadrieng says:

    … I think even the yaoi shows are better than this. -_-

  • That bunnygirl suit reminds me of the cat-panties in Magikano.

  • Aroduc says:

    I had that exact same thought too. ^^