They Are My Noble Masters #04 — Zawa Zawa

January 26th, 2008

A beach episode and Akagi? What?


It occurred to me at the start of this episode that Yume is the only one of the sisters with any sort of fashion sense. Shinra looks like she escaped from Phoenix Wright’s courtroom and Miyu probably belongs in Newsies… or with a haircut, she could pass for a pageboy. At least Yume has discovered the power of denim.

Anyway, Ren serves Miyu coffee that’s too hot and gets run over the coals by the colonel and Shinra. Then everybody heads off to for vacation and Ren gets to gawk at all the ladies and traps. I’m not surprised at all that Miyu is the only one that ended up in a one piece, even if it was via Shinra’s machinations. Yume still looked the best. The sarong is a very underappreciated piece of beach attire. It’s a pity that she’s a blithering idiot.

Ren then gets dragged off to the SECRET BUTLER TRAINING FACILITIES for some training on how to make tea properly. EXTREME TEA. The legal girls (with reminder that Miyu is supposedly 20) get drunk a little later while Yume cowers. Venis cleans up at the casino… even showing her Akagi side. I didn’t know Venis had an Akagi side. That’s rather scary. Ren keeps training through the night… and Venis loses all her winnings. When she turns to request more cash… it even makes the Akagi/Kaiji noise.

Ren makes it home just in time for Yume to make him some late tea while Miyu drunkenly wanders around in only her panties to the bath. She forces Ren to wash her and then goes to… uh… take him… but the alcohol takes over and someone gets all vomity. Ren checks in with naked Shinra, who is handling the alcohol a bit better and reminds Ren that he’s her thing. Or maybe not. She just wanted a stuffed toy to cuddle with. Ren returns to the training grounds and shows all that he learned.

Oops. That was a bit more of a summary than I meant to write. It was a pretty decent episode. Certainly a lot more focused than the previous three, and not quite as cheesily bad, which doesn’t make it good, but it still keeps making me laugh, so I can’t complain. The tea training sequences were pretty lame, but most of the rest, especially the Akagi parodies got a smile from me.


A strange kid needs help and Venis’ mysterious past.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kiryuu says:

    you’d think Miyu would want to avoid being drunk around Shinra.. and then again maybe not.. she’d be less likely to remember what Shinra does to her that way ^^;

  • Taiyaki says:

    Shinra kinda reminds me of Akiha Tohno.