Mushi Uta #09 — Love Stinks

September 13th, 2007

Now now, everybody hug and make up.


Ye lords, they hit like… everything this episode. Daisuke and Rina both finally know that Shiika is the Winter Firefly, Daisuke knows that Rina is Ladybird, Shiika knows that Rina has a crush on Daisuke, and Rina knows that Daisuke is Shiina’s boytoy. Minmin is also still working with Haji, doing whatever it is that the crazy bastard wants done. I think the only revelations left are Daisuke = Kakkou to the girls (though Shiika has a good clue), and Daisuke isn’t aware of Rina’s crush.  We certainly covered a lot of ground this episode for not even touching on Kasuo and whatever she’s up to.

I was so expecting Daisuke to plant one on Shiika while Rina was watching too. I kind of also want them to pick a villain here. I mean, we’ve got DEMON TEACHER, Haji doing his own thing, and Kasuo off being a bitch somewhere. I’m aware there’s the second season coming, but I’d like at least some sense of where this is all leading to, especially now that there are almost no mysteries left between the main characters. I am happy that at least Shiika and Rina are together at the end of the episode though and we hopefully aren’t going to have a period of one sitting in their room moping while the other tries to talk to them. Personally, I’m hoping for both to be ambushed by Minmin or Kasuo at this point, prompting a Kakkou save and dramatic unmasking when he’s in a pinch.

Mostly though, I missed my demon insect romance drama these past couple of weeks, I really did. Even if it’s only for a month, it’s great to have them back.

At Rina’s apartment, she’s sitting at her bed, crying into her blanket. Shiika asks if she’s okay, and says that it’s okay if she doesn’t want to go to school. Rina relents and comes out, but breaks into tears again and hugs Shiika, saying that she couldn’t save her.

Daisuke’s house is empty. The two girls left wonder if there really are Mushi users, and wonder where everybody is. Kyouko says that it’s rumored that Mushi eat dreams. The bell rings and EVIL TEACHER begins the lesson. The three desks are suspiciously absent.

C is checking in with the secretary, making sure that Kakkou is okay and survived his rematerialization.

In a bathroom, Daisuke and Haji are having a clandestine meeting. Daisuke wants to know about the Winter Firefly and Garden. Haji can’t tell him much, other than she left. They reiterate the need to find the big 3, etc etc. Haji says that maybe it’s the work of God, but Daisuke gets pissed and yells that it’s definitely not and storms out shortly after.

In her studio, Rina is painting again. Shiika comes in saying that lunch is ready, but Rina doesn’t notice her. Shiika’s cooking has really improved from her fish head days. Rina thanks Shiika for being with her. Shiika looks over at the calendar and Rina remembers the promise that she made. Shiika says she probably can’t go, but Rina forces her to take her cellphone and says that it’s important to keep promises.

Daisuke is wandering around the city to the place where he shot the Winter Firefly. His phone vibrates and he opens it to a call from Shiika. He wants to know where she is and if she’s okay. She says that she’s fine, and apologizes to him, but tomorrow, they can meet. He wants to go to the Planetarium with her.

After he hangs up, he feels a pain in his arm and pulls down his sleeve. His arm is warped and mutated. His Mushi hovers in front of him.

The next day, Shiika is trying on various hats in front of a mirror. Rina calls them all weird looking and then hugs her, thanking her for playing with her all this time.

She says that it was a little sad being on her own and then asks her what her dream is. Shiika says it’s to find a place for all of them, and Rina says that that’s her dream too and that she promises to make it come true.

Rina sees Shiika off with a smile, but becomes downcast the moment Shiika leaves. She heads to Asami’s clubhouse, but it’s totally boarded up and empty. She then heads to the art club meeting room, where Daisuke is admiring a painting. They ask eachother what the other is doing at school, to no real answers and then Daisuke said that he’s glad she’s feeling better. She seemed a bit sad. She says that she’s really okay.

He then excuses himself, saying that he’s going to the Planetarium. She asks him if he’ll model for her some day, and he says that’s fine. As he leaves, she thinks how much he must love the stars.

Shiika is waiting, hiding behind a tree when Daisuke runs up. He can’t find her until she steps out and calls to him.

Inside the Planetarium, she tries to tell him something, but he says that it’s okay. He continues on, saying that it’s nearly Christmas, and he’d be really happy to spend it with her. She keeps looking up at the stars, and lifts a hand to try to hold them.

Ever the lady killer, Daisuke is snoring.

The Mushi resistance is having a meeting. They’re sad that Rina’s friend became a fallen, and things go back to the Winter Firefly and how they need to find her before  Garden does.

Daisuke wakes up, saying that he really needed that. Shiika asks where he was sleeping, and Daisuke flashes back to himself huddled in a box in the dark. He shrugs it off and heads out of the Planetarium with Shiika.

Outside, the stars are beautiful, but Shiika sneezes in the cold. Daisuke takes her hand, and she thinks to herself that she can’t forget after all. Everything that she is. She can’t forget it. She looks at Daisuke and asks him what his dream is. He says that his dream is to find a place for everybody. Shiika is surprised and remembers Kakkou. Shiika tells him that her dream is the same.

An electrical buzz draws Daisuke’s attention. One of the street lights is flickering and a woman dressed in black is standing underneath it. Shiika turns and recognizes it with a start. A pair of people pass in front of the woman, and when they pass, she’s gone.

Shiika starts to faint. Daisuke catches her. She says that she’s okay.

Haji is waiting at a car. Minmin pops up behind the car. He asks her about Ladybird, and she says that everything is fine. She asks her how things are going on his end.

He says that things just keep progressing more and more as his heart keeps getting consumed, but that’s okay because it’s saving this mushi user. Minmin gives him a little support and he puts his hand on her’s.

Rina is walking to the Planetarium, her sketchbooks in hand. In front of it, Daisuke is apologizing to Shiika for abandoning her the other day, and is mentally chastising himself for lying to her. He tries to say his feelings for her.

Rina is standing there, watching it all as Daisuke pulls Shiika close. She drops her folder of sketches, alerting them. Shiika goes over to help her pick them up and sees that the sketches are all of Daisuke.

Shiika looks up as Rina’s ladybug begins flickering in and out of reality. Daisuke sees it too. It fades, and Rina runs off. Shiika starts to follow her. Daisuke reaches for her, but a glow stops him. The Winter Firefly materializes behind her. Shiika apologizes and then chases after Rina.

Rina and Shiika run through the park. Rina trips on some stairs and falls down, letting Shiika catch up. The Winter Firefly materializes on Shiika’s shoulder and Rina finally recognizes it as such. Shiika apologizes and starts crying. The two hug.
Daisuke stands alone, remembering Shiika asking him about her dream, and long ago, the Winter Firefly telling him her dream’s. His Mushi hovers over his head.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • dangan says:

    whoa! so many things happened in this episode I can’t wait until they have sub for this episode. And I wonder what is the second season is going to be about? I wanna see it so badly, It is kind of sad when they only have 13 episode for the first season I wish it could been longer.

  • DrmChsr0 says:

    Kakkou comes back?


  • los seeker says:

    the whole two week wait was so worth it!!!!!

  • Moogy says:

    I’m so gonna make the footer image for our subs of this episode involve the phrase “demon insect romance drama.” What an awesome description!

  • Moogy says:

    Oh, and Dangan, this season is only 12 episodes, not 13.

  • miden says:

    WOW!! :/!! DAMMIT ONLY 3 MORE EPIDSOES COME ON!! RAWR zers!! hope these nexyt episdoe get more awesome :)! worth thw wait :s

  • Skie says:

    Thanks for this site. It’s really interesting to see how you interpreted it. You can see the subbed videos up till nine on But do you know when episode 10 will be out? And can you tell me why the season is so short? Thanks!