Symphogear XV #03 — Goblin Glider

July 20th, 2019


A giant bulky rocket powered glider with a buzzsaw on the front. Truly the ultimate weapon.


I want to say that the stupidest part of this episode was the random band of goofy punks, but then they sent noise on segways after them. And yet, I can't shake the feeling that we've seen the segway noise before. Maybe in one of the previous two seasons. Maybe it's just that there's always some inexplicably imbecilic noise design, like the banana noise. Then again, the big 'final attack' of the dumbass duo was a long transformation scene where they create the goblin glider. And… that's it. Then they're 'defeated' by the third antagonist showing up with the power of extendo-punches. Apparently Inspector Gadget is the ultimate fighting machine in this universe.

If you're wondering about the rest, what rest? They faff around. Have a couple meetings about how this is so super serious, look at some blood, and… the end. The story's not progressing. Characters are not being taken out of their comfort zones, let alone challenged or being forced to make any kind of decisions whatsoever, let alone difficult ones. Nobody's showing even the barest hint of any kind of arc. This is really shaping up so far to be a repeat of the previous season, which is to say, a fat lot of nothing.


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  • elior1 says:

    34 died in kyotu animation arson attack one of them was yasuhiro key animator and direcotr on kyoani. i dont think we will see anime from this studio for very long time